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Craft Paint

Take on countless arts and crafts and DIY projects with our craft paint! Regardless of how serious a crafter you are, you deserve to work with the very best wet medium for your creative projects. Craft paint can be used on a wide assortment of surfaces, from wood to ceramics to stone, and more! Our craft paint formula dries quickly to ensure you’re not wasting precious time waiting for your craft pieces to dry. Additionally, our craft paint formula is certified non-toxic and suitable for glass surfaces. Whether you’re adding an original design to a glass item or adding color to a small wooden piece of furniture, our craft paint is just what you need to craft with complete confidence! 


What makes Arteza’s craft paints the best option? Our craft paint delivers every time, regardless of the surface in question. Create vibrant arts and craft pieces with colors that will last. Our craft paint is the number one choice for painting any craft piece. Add even more dimension to your DIY projects and arts and craft pieces with our Ultimate Shimmer Craft Acrylic Paint and Tool Medium Art Set. Arteza’s premium craft acrylic paint is formulated to become your absolute favorite craft paint yet, see for yourself by securing a set today! 


What craft paint sets do you offer?


The Outdoor Acrylic Paint Set of 20 is designed for outdoor use, for everything from painting ceramic pieces to decorate your yard to painting wood slices to use to decorate your porch. This premium set of 20 outdoor acrylic paints features a wide range of colors that can be used straight from the bottle or mixed together to create unique shades. The easy-to-squeeze paint bottles make painting hassle-free, and include each color's number and name, for your convenience. Decorate the outside of your home with the paints included in our Outdoor Acrylic Paint Set! 


We offer Craft Acrylic Paint Sets of 20 in classic colors, vintage colors, and vivid colors. Each set of 20 includes a truly beautiful and diverse range of colors to choose from. Create on practically any surface imaginable with our multi-purpose, water-based, non-toxic craft acrylic paint. If you’re looking to only grab specific shades for your upcoming projects, stock up with our Craft Acrylic Paint Single Color Bottles, available in 2 fl oz and 4 fl oz sized bottles. 


Children will have an absolute blast creating with our Kids Finger Paints Set. This set of 30 kids finger paints provides young artists with every color they could possibly need to create, at their fingertips. This certified non-toxic childrens’ paint can be used on multiple surfaces, however we recommend our Kids Finger Paint Pads. Watch your child’s face light up as they get in touch with their creative side using our Kids Finger Paint Set of 30


Craft like never before with our premium craft paints!