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Outdoor Acrylic Paint, 2oz Bottles - Set of 20

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  • For a Variety of Surfaces - Paint on more than just canvas; suitable for wood, rocks, glass, paper and more
  • Scuff-Resistant - Create works of art for both indoors and outdoors
  • High Viscosity Acrylics - The thick, smooth consistency allows you to create textures with your brush or palette knife
  • Easy-to-Squeeze Bottles - Always get the right amount of paint without wasting any; the snap-on cap prevents them from drying out
  • AP Certified Non-Toxic - These water-based outdoor acrylics are non-toxic and suitable for artists of all levels


Take your artwork to the great outdoors with these outdoor acrylic paints. Display your art right away once your piece is finished and dry. For extra durability, use a sealant over to your art to give it that long-lasting finish. These paints are perfect for a variety of surfaces, ranging from wood and rocks to glass and canvases. Create beautiful rock paintings, decorate your planters with inspiring quotes, or even make a welcoming sign for your home. These high viscosity paints are thick and filled with pigment so that you’ll get excellent coverage on the surface you choose to work on.


You can also create interesting textures by using palette knives or sponges. The squeezable bottles make it simple to mix colors together without using up more paint than you really need. Plus, the dependable caps ensure that your paints will be tightly sealed and maintain their quality while they’re not in use. These acrylic colors are water-based, so you can easily clean your workspace with a bit of soap and warm water.


Allow the great outdoors to become your art gallery by securing this set of 20 (2 fl oz) Outdoor Acrylic Paints. This set will allow you to make your yard or the outdoors surrounding your school, business, or workplace to become even more beautiful! Our Outdoor Acrylic Paints are just as easy to work with as our original acrylic paints, ensuring working with this medium will be an effortless and rewarding activity. Our Outdoor Acrylic Paints even adhere to brick and concrete surfaces, enabling you to create your own mural! Allow your backyard and front yard to become a colorful and imaginative space by ordering this set of Outdoor Acrylic Paints.