Fountain Pens, Blue, Medium Nib - 12 Pack

Fountain Pens, Blue, Medium Nib - 12 Pack

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Fountain Pens, Blue, Medium Nib - 12 Pack

Fountain Pens, Blue, Medium Nib - 12 Pack



  • Free Ink System - No ink cartridges needed, our fountain pens have ink directly in their barrels 
  • Smooth Writing - Our pens don’t skip to ensure you always produce uninterrupted lines and marks 
  • Non-Toxic Pens - Also conform to ASTM D-4236 standards
  • Quick-Drying Formula - Ideal for left-handed people, as well as enthusiastic writers and artists


Write with complete confidence with our Disposable Fountain Pens Set of 12. This set of 12, blue ink, fountain pens is fit for everyday life, as well as school work, journaling, and creating artwork. Do everything from writing your to-do lists to signing checks to outlining your illustrations with this set of 12 Disposable Fountain Pens. 


Our Disposable Fountain Pens medium nib delivers the ideal size of a 0.9 mm line every time. The free ink system means that our pens are all-in-one, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing ink cartridges.  Write with the comfort of knowing your pen won’t skip, with our Disposable Fountain Pens. 


Every home, classroom, and business needs a reliable set of pens. Arteza’s Disposable Fountain Pens, with blue ink is the perfect set of pens to keep nearby! Add this set of 12 fountain pens to your backpack, purse, car, home, and business. Order this set of 12 Disposable Fountain Pens to set yourself up for success! 

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