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Expert Drawing Pencil Set, 33 Pieces

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  • Varying Degrees of Hardness - Enjoy 18 drawing pencils (ranging from 14B to 4H) and 2 woodless graphite pencils (4B, 6B); you’ll also get 3 black charcoal pencils (soft, medium, and hard) and 1 white charcoal pencil (medium)
  • Erase & Correct - Choose between a kneaded, plastic, or precision eraser to lift your graphite or charcoal from the page
  • Keep Your Pencils Sharp - Use the standard metal sharpener and hobby knife to help keep a perfect point on your pencils
  • Protective Metal Tin - Keep your sketch pencil set neat and organized in the convenient storage case


33 Expert Drawing Tools Includes:

  • 18 drawing pencils
  • 3 charcoal pencils
  • 3 erasers
  • 2 woodless pencils
  • 3 paper blenders
  • 1 metal sharpener
  • 1 white charcoal pencil
  • 1 hobby knife
  • 1 black Inkonic Fineliner Pen


This complete professional sketch pencil set has everything you need for your drawings. Create different levels of darkness with soft pencils ranging from 3B to 14B or make light initial sketches with hard pencils from 4H-B. Work on charcoal studies with 1 white and 3 black charcoal pencils. If you’re in the mood for sketching with ink, use the Inkonic Fineliner for a bold look. As you build your values, the 3 sizes of paper blenders (large, medium, and short) will help you create seamless transitions with graphite.


Everyone makes mistakes, but this set has the tools to help you correct them. You can choose between a soft kneaded eraser, plastic eraser, or precision eraser to carefully lift the graphite from your surface. When your tips get worn, keep your pencils sharp with the metal sharpener. If you prefer to sharpen your pencils traditionally, use the hobby knife to bring your pencils to the perfect point. Your pencil set will be protected in a durable and portable metal case so you can sketch on-the-go or in your studio.


Motivate yourself to create detailed drawings with the full spectrum of values with this versatile, expert-grade, Professional Drawing Pencil Set of 33. This set includes everything any artist needs to elevate their craft. Whether you’re a professional artist, or are just learning how to draw with pencils this set is sure to go to excellent use. Since we have all of this extended time at home, now is the best possible time to take your craft to the next level. Invest in your artwork, and yourself as an artist, by upgrading to this expert Professional Drawing Pencil Set today!