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#2 HB Wood Pencils - Box of 180

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  • Break-Resistant Cores - High-density graphite that also doesn’t smear or smudge
  • Latex-Free Erasers - Tough enough for heavy erasing, but soft enough to save the integrity of your paper
  • Satin Matte Coating - The wood casing provides a comfortable, easy grip
  • Pre-Sharpened - Save you time and hassle


Reliable, break-resistant, wood-cased #2 HB pencils - box of 180 are considered a necessity for most creators. Whether you are a beginner to graphite as a medium, a well-versed renowned artist, or anywhere in between, our pencils have got you covered. Unlike many #2 HB pencils on the market, the high-density graphite in each wood-cased pencil in this set of 180 does not smear or smudge. Create your next drawing with the relief of knowing your hand won’t be covered in graphite after. Our versatile wood-cased pencils perform beautifully for all of your graphite needs; an ideal pencil for writers, visual artists, architects, students, teachers, professors, and office workers.


The satin matte coating provides a comfortable grip for both lefties and righties. This universally trusted wood-cased pencil box of 180 will not disappoint. Our latex-free erasers are gentle on papers and also ready for any heavy-duty erasing. Our dynamic #2 HB wood-cased pencils are pre-sharpened and ready to enhance your graphite work. Grab a box today to save yourself the time and frustrations associated with the ordinary pencil.


Alleviate the stress of finding a pencil for many, many months with this #2 HB Wood-Cased Pencils Box of 180. This bulk-pack of pencils makes a wonderful addition to any classroom, office, business, home, or art studio. Regardless of if you consider yourself an artist, student, or DIYer, you need a reliable set of pencils. Invest in this affordable #2 HB Wood-Cased Pencils Box today!