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Acrylic painting paper is the perfect surface for you if your favorite medium is acrylic paints.  This paper is the best option because it has a canvas-like texture that is ideal for the paint. It can help you avoid problems that can occur with papers that weren’t designed for acrylics, such as buckling and unfixable mistakes arising from the porous nature of regular paper. Buy acrylic paper, and you’ll discover why its affordability and convenience, compared to traditional canvas, make it a favorite for many painters.


What is acrylic paper used for? Acrylic paper can be used for warm-ups, studies or sketches. It can also be used to create finished paintings if it’s a surface you find easier to paint on then canvas. Since it’s more portable than traditional stretched canvases, many artists also use acrylic paper for painting outdoors or on-the-go.


Do you need to stretch acrylic paper? No, acrylic paper does not need stretching since it is pre-sized to be non-absorbent. Unlike watercolors, acrylics sit on the surface of the paper without being absorbed; as long as your paper is high-quality, the paint will not warp it.


What paper is best for acrylic? The best paper for acrylic paint is primed to be non-absorbent and has a texture like traditional cotton canvas. High-quality paper designed for longevity will also be acid-free, meaning that the paper has a neutral pH, and the primer is free of chemicals that cause acidity. It should be at least 140 lb (300 gsm) — thick enough to hold the weight of the paint and withstand any scraping, scrubbing or any other abrasive techniques without being damaged.


When it comes to painting with acrylics, it may be intimidating to think you always have to use traditional canvas, but the reality is that acrylic paper is a wonderful and economical option. Acrylic paper pads are a great choice because they’re easy to carry around and hold while you work. Whether you’re looking for a way to practice, do studies or create a finished painting, you can get where you want to go with a great value for your money.