DIY Foldable Canvas Frame, Acrylic, 8" x 11" - 20 Sheets

DIY Foldable Canvas Frame, Acrylic, 8" x 11" - 20 Sheets

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DIY Foldable Canvas Frame, Acrylic, 8" x 11" - 20 Sheets

DIY Foldable Canvas Frame, Acrylic, 8" x 11" - 20 Sheets



  • DIY Foldable Canvas Frame - The construction of our DIY acrylic frame pad’s paper makes folding your masterpiece into a framed piece easy
  • Acid-Free Paper - Each sheet of acrylic framing paper is acid-free and non-toxic, making our paper pad 
  • Everlasting Vibrancy - Our acid-free paper preserves your work’s vibrancy by preventing hue deterioration, fading, and yellowing 
  • 20 Sheets Included - Create beautiful paintings on the 20 sheets of premium paper included in this pad, using acrylic paints or oil paints

Paint like a professional artist on the premium sheets that fill our DIY Acrylic Frame Pad. This premium DIY acrylic frame pad features 20 sheets of painter’s paper to transform. Our acrylic framing paper is optimal for acrylic and oil paints, and can also be used with graphites, colored pencils, markers, and pens. Each sheet of acrylic framing paper included in this DIY pad is acid-free and non-toxic, encouraging artists to create artwork that needs no additional frame. Our acid-free sheets of premium paper preserve the integrity of your paintings for years to come.


Our acid-free paper prevents hue deterioration, yellowing, fading, warping, buckling, and puckering. Additionally, these premium acid-free sheets of paper are incredibly easy to fold into a framed piece. Each sheet of foldable DIY acrylic framing paper comes in the size of 13.5 x 15 inches, which can easily be folded down to 8 x 11 inches. Since our acrylic paper folds back to display your artwork on a sturdy paper frame, you save yourself the time, energy, and money associated with framing your work. Secure your next go-to acrylic paper pad today!


Proudly display your latest acrylic paintings without the need for any additional supplies with Arteza’s DIY Foldable Acrylic Canvas Frame Pad. Assure your next 20 paintings can be framed in just moments by investing in this budget-friendly, professional-grade, must-have do-it-yourself painting pad. Produce up to 20 framed acrylic paintings with our DIY Foldable Acrylic Canvas Frame Pad!

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