Round Stretched Canvas, 6" Diameter - Pack of 12

Round Stretched Canvas, 6" Diameter - Pack of 12

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Round Stretched Canvas, 6" Diameter - Pack of 12

Round Stretched Canvas, 6" Diameter - Pack of 12



  • Circular Shape - Round canvases provide artists with a uniquely shaped surface that is sure to stand out in any setting
  • 100% Cotton CanvasMade of 100% cotton which provides you with a dependable surface to transform 
  • Versatile Canvas - Ideal for oil and acrylic paints, plus gouache paints, spray paints, tempera paints, pouring paints, acrylic paint markers, permanent markers, and charcoal 
  • Pre-Primed Canvases - Each round canvas is pre-primed with three coats of non-toxic, titanium acrylic gesso, making canvases ready to use the moment you receive them 
  • AP-Certified Non-Toxic - Canvases that also conform to ASTM D-4236 standards

Our 12-pack of Round Stretched Canvases feature the perfect canvases for your next 12 paintings and mixed media pieces. Each Circular Canvas is made of 100% cotton which  provides you with truly reliable canvases. Each round canvas arrives pre-primed with three coats of titanium acrylic gesso so you can start painting the instant you feel inspired. Our Round Stretched Canvases are AP-certified and non-toxic. 


While our Circle Canvases are designed for oil and acrylic paints, they also work beautifully with a wide range of other wet and dry media. This affordable bulk pack of Round Canvases will supply you with a dozen canvases to make your own. These sturdy stretched canvases will soon become your go-to canvas for creating eye-catching artwork. 


Take your craft to the next level with our pre-primed Round Stretched Canvas Pack of 12. Regardless of your artistic background, subject matter, or media preference, you’re sure to make excellent use of this truly unique set of round canvases. Challenge yourself to think outside the box creatively, start by upgrading to this 12-pack of Round Stretched Canvases!

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