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Stretched Canvas 24x36” - Set of 5


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  • 100% Cotton Canvas - The canvas is made of a densely woven cotton that provides a smooth surface perfect for detailed and precise strokes. These canvases boast a warp density of 34 threads per centimeter and a weft density of 30 threads per centimeter.
  • Primed and Ready to Go - Three coats of an acid-free acrylic gesso assure that your artwork will be laid down on a smooth surface as well as preventing decay over time.
  • Pine Wood for Durability - A fine grained pine wood was chosen as the base of the frame due to its resistance to humidity, and therefore will not shrink or swell.
  • Galvanized Staples for Security - The canvas is pulled taut over the frame and secured in the back with these rust and wear resistant staples which become invisible when the canvas is hung on a wall.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If your product does not perform to your expectations, simply request a refund or replacement.

Looking for the perfect foundation for your artwork? Look no further than ARTEZA’s set of 5 stretched canvases measuring at 24x36”!

These canvases are made of 100% cotton, giving you a smooth, archival surface to make detailed strokes. Three coats of acid-free acrylic gesso are added to ensure that there’s no deterioration of your artwork. Stretched and pre-primed, you won’t have to do anything to these canvases other than apply your favorite paints.

The cotton canvas is stretched taut over a fine grained pine wood that is ⅝” profile and dried by kiln. Chosen for its durable nature, this wood is resistant to the shrinking and swelling that most woods experience when exposed to humidity. To strengthen and further stretch the canvas, five pine bracers are adorned along the backside of the frame. They’re positioned in such a way that the canvas doesn’t touch, making sure that your paint brushes are only touching the canvas.

The canvas is secured with galvanized staples that are resistant to wear and rust. We used machine accuracy to form perfect right angles in the frame. Off centered tongue and groove joints have also been added, and they’re key stretching compatible, should you need to stretch your canvas any further.

These canvases are built for durability -- your artwork will withstand the test of time. Grab a set today and keep creating!