Happy Cinco de Mayo! 10 Decorations to Help You Celebrate at Home

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Posted by Aubrey Santana
Having traveled to practically every corner of the world, I draw inspiration for my art from the people, foods, and traditions of many different cultures.
Happy Cinco de Mayo! 10 Decorations to Help You Celebrate at Home

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It’s Time to Celebrate!

May the 5th is a special day in Mexican history and a cause for celebration. On that day in 1862, the Mexican army defeated the French in the Battle of Puebla. With close ties to the United States, Cinco de Mayo has become a day to celebrate Mexican-American culture and is widely celebrated across the U.S. 

You don’t have to leave home to have a great Cinco de Mayo celebration. Just dress up in bright clothing, turn up the music, start dancing, cooking and eating delicious food, and most of all, have fun! Decorating your house and making photo props for sharing pictures on social media is a great way to get in the spirit, so we’ve gathered some ideas that are easy enough for everyone in the family to make. 

Decoration Ideas 

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Idea #1. Felt Fabric Mustache

The Mexican soldiers were known for their large, bushy mustaches. You can get the same look for you and your family by using stiff felt squares. 

To make these cute mustaches, get templates off the internet, and make a pattern. Use the pattern to cut out the mustaches in cool colors and stitch together, leaving a tiny opening. Stuff with cotton balls and hand stitch the opening shut. Attach a thin ribbon to the back. To wear, place mustache under your nose and tie it on the back of your head. Now you’re ready for some funny selfies!

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Idea #2. Cinco de Mayo Chalkboard

Chalkboard art is so much fun to do and is sure to add a party mood to your home. There are lots of pictures on the internet that you can use as a reference to create your own unique Mexican-themed design. 

Use bright chalk or chalk markers in reds, yellows, greens, blues, and orange for the most impact and flair. 

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Idea #3. Holiday Cactus Drawing

Decorate the walls with lots of holiday cacti. Everyone in the family can draw their own version or you can find images online to trace and have everyone do the same one. By using our EverBlend art markers, there’ll be plenty of colors to choose from and the pictures will turn out brilliantly!

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Idea #4. Piñata 

You can’t have a Mexican-themed party without a piñata. Make your own using cardboard boxes you fill with candy and then tape together to form an animal or other shape. Cover the outside with colored paper or tissue that’s been cut into strips and fringed. Glue these to the boxes and for a touch of sparkle use one of our brilliantly colored glitter in shaker bottles. Hang with twine or fishing line and take turns swatting at it with a stick or baseball bat until the candy spills out! 

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Idea #5. Photo Props

Have everyone on social media see how much fun you’re having with festive photo props. Let everyone in the family make their own using construction paper and any medium they want—acrylics, watercolor, gouache, colored pencils, or markers. Some ideas include a sombrero, maracas, cacti, a Margarita, a taco, a mustache, or sunglasses. Use popsicle or crafts sticks to attach them and let the posing begin!

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Idea #6. Maracas

Not only will the kids love shaking their maracas, it’s easy to make your own or bring back to life old ones using Arteza acrylic paint. Acrylic paint comes in so many vibrant colors and dries to a strong finish, making it the perfect paint to use whether you’re customizing a traditional pair or you’re making your own from directions off the internet. 

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Idea #7. Personalized Guitar

The Mexican guitarrón (guitar) is a beautiful instrument that often can be seen in vibrant colors. If you have a guitar you want to give a lift to, now’s a great time to do it and make it part of your decor. We have lots of craft acrylic paints, so let your imagination run wild. Maybe it’s time to learn a traditional Mexican song or mariachi tune in honor of the occasion. 

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Idea #8. Picado

These delicate paper cuttings are easy to make and when strung together or scattered on a table make a beautiful bunting or pretty table display. You can use stencils to create the design on colorful paper or white paper you’ve added color to and then use Arteza colored pencils, brush pens, or markers to create your designs. 

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Idea #9. Polymer Clay Figures

You and the family will have tons of fun using polymer clay to make all sorts of little figurines to go with your theme. We have oven-bake clay sets that include a variety of colors to use alone or to mix for new colors. How about a cacti piggybank? Just form it, bake it, and paint it!  

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Idea #10. Mexican Sarape

The Mexican sarape uses distinctive colors that are easy to reimagine on napkins, throws, pillows, and even your favorite jeans or T-shirt. Arteza fabric paints are the perfect thing to use to get the look of a serape without going all the way to Mexico. Look at a photo on the internet to get the stripes and colors right. 

Now that you’ve got house party decorations, everyone can high five and give themselves a loud “¡Muy Bueno!” We hope these ideas have spurred you on to do more art activities at home with the family. 

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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