There is an artist in everyone

Posted by Francesca Cruz
Francesca Cruz is an award-winning journalist who began her career on television as a host for Univision’s popular music video show Onda Max. She furthered her career when she became the youngest entertainment reporter for Telemundo’s primetime news show, Occurio Asi. She parlayed that into a successful career in publishing. Most recently, she was the Editor-in-Chief, as well as, Production Director for inDoral Magazine and inWeston Magazine. She currently holds the position of Editor at Arteza.
There is an artist in everyone

The question often asked, “does everyone have the ability to be an artist?” makes for a deep-dive examination of the topic: what is art? Author and entrepreneur Seth Godin shares that, “art isn’t only a painting. Art is anything that’s creative, passionate, and personal.” If you had asked German artist Joseph Beuys, his reply would have been, “every human being is an artist. Creativity is not limited to people practicing in one of the traditional forms of art. Even in the case of artists, creativity is not confined to the exercise of their art. Each one of us has a creative potential, which is hidden by competitiveness and success-aggression.” Could this be the case? If so, this would then mean—we can label anything that involves “creation” with the word “art.” From the inception of the idea, and the first steps you take, Arteza is there to provide you with the tools you need to bring forth your vision. 

This past summer, I participated in an online art class offered by the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. During the course, the class discussed a quote by American impressionist artist Robert Henri. It moved me in such a way, that I felt compelled to jot it down in my tattered and well-traveled journal. It’s become a quote I revisit often. The quote is as follows, “art cannot be separated from life. It is the expression of the greatest need of which life is capable, and we value art not because of the skilled product, but because of its revelation of a life’s experience.” Yes, it is worth reading a few times over. If you second-guessed your artistic worthiness, this quote assures you—we are all artists. Our capacity to experience life makes us worthy of the title of artist. 

Lastly, before formally introducing our “There is an artist in everyone” Arteza Vision D'artiste, I must include a quote by the great Pablo Picasso, “every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

And without further ado, please enjoy the video below (a very big thank you to the creative team behind it: Isvel Rodriguez-Nerey, Carlos Valdes, Benny Salz, and Irene Shemony)

     “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

       -Henry David Thoreau

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