10 Food Drawings to Inspire You or How to Draw Cute Food

10 Food Drawings to Inspire You or How to Draw Cute Food

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Feed Your Inspiration with Cute Food Drawings

Ready to make some mouth-watering drawings of food? Creating art around a special dish has been done by artists for centuries. Some are so realistic they make your mouth water, while others use the colors and shapes of food to inspire abstract works. Illustrators draw food to accompany recipes and on menus. Whatever your style, if you’ve ever longed to make realistic drawings of your favorite foods, we’ve got twenty-three examples to get your mind cooking.

The artists who created these cute drawings of food have used all kinds of media, including colored pencils, watercolors, acrylics, brush pens, and art markers. After checking these out, we hope you’ll be hungry for more and inspired to take your favorite medium and start creating! Bon Appetit!  

A Menu of Ideas

1. Bit of Yogurt

The creamy goodness of these bowls of yogurt with fruit really pops off the dark background of the Arteza black paper sketch pad.

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2. Macaroons

Can’t you just taste the sweetness of these colorful macaroons? Painted in Arteza Overblend Markers, they have the delicateness of the real thing.  

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3. Pizza

Everyone’s favorite! Not only can you draw the finished meal, but why not show all the ingredients that went into it as well. Real Brush pens bring out the juicy red and green tomatoes and basil. 

4. Hamburger

Two all-beef patties on a sesame seed bun with fries is an all-American classic. Here burger drawing is rendered in exacting detail using colored pencils. The tough part is waiting to eat while you draw, so take a photo first and draw it later. 

5. Bacon & Eggs

The frying pan looks happy to heat up the morning’s breakfast in this fun illustration. By emphasizing the fire, the artist helps us imagine the smell of the bacon and the sizzling sound while it cooks. 

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Testing out the professional colored pencils and the drawing paper that @artezaofficial kindly sent me earlier. Gonna try some skin tones next as well but so far I'm pretty pleased with the pencils! Here are some of my thoughts. The colors are really vibrant and diverse, especially with the set of 120. They layer and blend together quite easily and still allow you to draw details. It seems that they blend better with many layers whereas "thin" layers might appear more rough. However, I had the most trouble with the white color since it didn't do much if there were too many layers (whereas in my experience prismacolors can be quite flexible in the same situation). When it comes to the paper, I would prefer it to be more stiff but it works nevertheless well for the pencils. All in all, to my mind these pencils offer a nice middle path between polychromos and prismacolors, especially with their affordable price and high quality. Note that these are my own opinions and experiences. Plus I've been binging on Ghibli movies and the food .... it always looks so incredibly good. So here's Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle.

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6. Croissants

Ah, the buttery goodness of flaky croissants, captured in their baked perfection with EverBlend markers.

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Croissants made with @artezaofficial Everblend Art Markers and Inkonic Fineliner Pens 💖 . . . • Review • This is my first time creating a full artwork with markers and I am very pleased with the way these Everblend art markers worked, they go on so smoothly and blend so well. I absolutely enjoyed creating this piece! I also used the Arteza Inkonic Fineliner pens to add all the small details, the vibrancy in these were also great. So thank you sooo much to Arteza for sending me these amazing products to try! . . . . #arteza #artezaeverblend #croissant #markers #drawing #fineliner #artist #artwork #realistic #instaart #young_artists_help #instaartexplorer #arts_helps #illustratenow #fruit #worldsartgallery #food #artistsoninstagram #art_supernova #artisticdreamerss #beyondrealistic #wewholeart #artcollective #dailydrawoff #artistic_showcase #art_realism_

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7. Sketchbook Meal 

Don’t stop at one page. Take advantage of both sides to show all the elements of one meal. This bullet journal entry uses RealBrush pens to invite us to the table.  

8. Hot Diggety Dot

Another American classic using EverBlend markers. These glistening dogs look like they came right off the grill. 

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Pl/Eng Nie potrafię odpocząć kiedy nie narysowałam niedawno czegoś sensownego, więc usiadłam i rysowalam to dwa razy, ale wytrwałam. @artezaofficial zrobiła mi niesamowicie miłą niespodziankę i wysłała swój sprzęt oraz tak o to rysunek kredkami z podkładem z markerów. Mam nadzieję, że team ketchup mnie nie znajdzie w nocy w jakimś zakamarku. Tak btw wiecie jakie to super uczucie kiedy staracie się być poważnym artystą i mówicie, że rysujecie parówki? Da Vinci może się schować. Dopiero teraz czuję, że wskoczyłam na wyższy level. No to hmm smacznego Szlugaski! Hello my Szlugaski 💗 I am back! @artezaofficial send me an enormous package and I am so excited 😍. In this package were among others soo beatiful markers and crayons and today I used them to make a new drawing. Who wants a hot dog? See now and hmm enjoy your meal 🔥 #rysunek #food #sztuka #artist #dessin #disegno #coloredpencils #zeichen #рисунок #искусство #yummy #эскиз #art #그림 #dibujo #예술 #스케치 #eat #芸術 #絵 #crayons #jedzenie #kredki #polishart #ilustracja #polishartist #foodporn #artezaofficial #hotdog @artezaofficial @arteza.co.uk

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9. Bakery

Bakery items come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors, it’s hard not to want to paint these tasty treats. Next time you’re visiting a bakery, take along watercolors and a water brush. It’s a great excuse to order more than one pastry!

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10. Donuts

Talk about good enough to eat! We don’t know about you, but this drawing makes us want to grab a donut right off the page. This is a good example of the incredibly realistic drawings you can achieve with our EverBlend art markers.

From comfort food to snacks to formal dinners, when it comes to food drawing there’s always something in the pantry or on the table that will make a great subject. You can set up a simple still life with fruit, commemorate a birthday with a painting of the cake, or create cute cartoon food from your lunch items. You’re only limited by your imagination. Plus, we’ve shown you that any medium will work.

We think you’ll be looking at your food a little differently now, and hope we’ve whetted your appetite to put yours on paper or canvas today! 

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