Top 10 Videos About Using Arteza EverBlend Art Markers

Top 10 Videos About Using Arteza EverBlend Art Markers

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Check Out Our Top EverBlend Art Marker Videos

Marker art has become extremely popular, especially with manga and character artists as well as professional illustrators and hobbyists alike. They appreciate how easy alcohol-based markers are to blend and all the bright colors they come in. 

Arteza’s most popular art markers are our EverBlend line that offers incredible vibrancy in up to 120 colors! These easy-to-use markers have a triangular barrel so they’re comfortable and controllable, and also feature replaceable dual tips for drawing both fine and wide lines. 

To demonstrate how versatile EverBlend markers are, we’ve collected our top videos using this amazing art tool. By watching these, you’ll learn everything you need to know about them as well as see our talented artists create some awesome art! 

Watch & Learn

1. Lady Liberty 🗽

In this time-lapse video, you’ll see the Statue of Liberty come alive as the artist uses EverBlend markers to create all the details. Watch her make the folds in the sculpted fabric look real with blending and shadowing techniques using both the chisel tip and the fine point. There’s a surprising twist at the end when she adds additional dimension with colored pencils. If you look closely, you’ll see that the famous lady is holding an Arteza sketchbook!

2. Macaroon Magic ☕️

This video is chock full of tips and tricks that beginners will find especially useful. From what kind of paper to use, to how to create shading, reflections and highlights to blending and making smooth transitions, you’ll get an up-close view of how to master the art of making macaroons with alcohol markers. A creamy cup of coffee finishes off this delicious drawing!

3. Three Sweet Ideas to Try 🍩

If you love dessert as much as we do, you’re going to love making these three mouth-watering dessert designs. Our artist walks you through the process from the initial sketch through to the finishing touches. This video tutorial offers tips that will improve your drawing as well as valuable instructions on how to use art markers. You’re in for a tasty treat with this one!

4. Surrealist Portrait

No one ever said portraits had to be boring. This video takes portraiture to another level with a fun quality that combines serious realism with humorous surrealism. You’ll learn important techniques for drawing portrait marker art, such as shading, contouring, and how to add realistic facial details. Then it takes a novel turn as the artist turns the beard into clouds and a plane flies through them. You’ve never seen a portrait like this and we know you’ll want to give it a try.

5. Cutest Cupcake 🧁

Get out your markers and get ready for a step-by-step guide to drawing a cupcake. This YouTube tutorial takes you through each step, with careful instructions for successful drawing. You’ll enjoy using colorful EverBlend markers to create this cute confection that would look great as an invitation to a birthday party, an adorable greeting card or as a touch of whimsy on the wall.

6. Mylar Balloons

Pop artist, Jeff Koons, started the trend in mylar balloon art with his famous sculpture, Balloon Dog. Our artist has taken that idea and run with it to make a mylar balloon marker drawing that’s fun and full of personality. Using a monochromatic color scheme, she shows you how to recreate letter balloons in shades of pink, spelling out the word, ART. This hyper-realistic drawing is set off by a sprinkling of festive confetti making it party-worthy!

7. Incredible Eagle Illustration 🦅

This video is a perfect example of the general-to-specific rule. The artist starts with her lighter colors and covers the general areas of the drawing before adding her darker ones and getting into specific details. You’ll be awestruck as you watch her do this while creating the most majestic eagle you’ve probably seen in a while. 

8. Powerful Atlas Drawing

It’s amazing how much depth and character you can get by using a limited number of marker colors. Here, the artist uses gray tones to get the chiseled effect of the stone face of Atlas. Her method to do this includes blending and layering to create high contrast areas. She does this not only by layering the same color, but also by adding layers of darker tones, using the chisel tip to cover large areas and the smaller tip for the fine details.

9. Merry Marker Christmas Card 🎄

EverBlend markers are so versatile. In addition to making wall art, they’re perfect for creating customized Christmas cards. Watch our artist as she recreates a section of her Christmas tree, showcasing some of her favorite ornaments. This highly colorful card is sure to put you in the holiday spirit and inspire you to make your own special cards this year. 

10. How to draw a bird 🐦

The alcohol based markers have a highly-pigmented color that is absolutely perfect for blending. Blend your colors together with the clear blender for seamless transitions and gradients. 

These videos are full of ideas and ways to use EverBlend markers that you’ve probably never thought of. Are you ready to give them a try? 😉 


  • By altering the amount of pressure you put on the marker, you can draw lighter or darker lines.
  • Although it works well to use the wide end for filling in larger areas, don’t be afraid to use the side of this tip to draw thinner lines. This is also true for the fine tip end, as it can be used to fill in bigger areas as well. These are good ways to add a textural quality to your work.
  • These markers are translucent enough to create a third color by layering two different colors. For example, place a stroke of blue and then go back over it with yellow for a green line. 

Videos showing you how to draw with markers are so much fun to watch. It really is amazing to see a blank page start with just light pencil lines and then evolve with the use of markers into what looks like a three-dimensional object. We hope that now that you’ve seen EverBlend markers in action, you won’t be able to wait to create your own marker art! Our YouTube channel is full of more how-to videos. By subscribing, you’ll have tons of tutorials right at your fingertips to enjoy doing at home.

Thanks for watching! 

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