10 YouTube Watercolor Tutorials to Inspire You

10 YouTube Watercolor Tutorials to Inspire You

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Videos Offer Watercolor Painting Ideas

It’s so mesmerizing to watch someone create a beautiful work of art right before your eyes. And studies have shown that many people learn a new skill better by watching someone demonstrate doing it. To inspire you as well as teach you to use Arteza’s many watercolor products, we’ve created a variety of videos of our artists painting everything from the galaxy to a single rose. And to make them easy to find, we’ve put our top 10 videos together here. 

No matter if you’ve never dipped a brush into paint or you’ve spent years perfecting your technique, we think you’ll find these videos useful and may give you some new ideas to get the creative juices flowing! So sit back and watch the world of watercolor painting unfold.

Video Inspiration

Paint a Galaxy

In this tutorial, you'll learn to paint a galaxy in just a couple of steps using Metallic Watercolor Premium Artist Paint, Half Pans, Set of 24, on a black canvas. Watch as the artist applies the paint to a wet canvas to achieve out-of-this-world effects, using both a regular paintbrush and a water brush. This galaxy painting is an easy project if you're new to using watercolors!  


Rose Tutorial

Follow along as our artist creates a stunning rose with Arteza Premium Watercolors on paper from the Expert Pad. You’ll learn to make a detailed sketch from a reference photo as well as color mixing and layering to achieve the depth and dimension of a realistic flower.


Paint New York City

Go on an urban sketching adventure to NYC using Premium Watercolor Paints and capture the vibes of the Big Apple. This video explains how to make smooth transitions and when to use different size brushes as well as the benefits of painting wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry paper. We’re sure it will make you want to grab your set and go for it!


Make a Christmas Card

Watch this easy-to-make Christmas card tutorial for a one-of-a-kind card made with the Arteza Watercolor. You’ll find out how to cut the paper for the card, make a preliminary sketch and prepare it for painting. After painting it, there’s the added bonus of teaching you how to turn it into a 3-dimensional card that will delight the one who receives it!

Landscape Painting for Beginners

This simple, yet stunning landscape uses Premium Artist Paint, Half Pans to show creating texture and dimension with special techniques. Here, you’ll watch the process involved in using pan paints versus those in tubes. The artist shows how easy it is to mix colors on the palette and the paper to get a serene and surreal landscape. 

Painting for Beginners

Here’s another tutorial geared toward newbies to the medium. See how to make a landscape with specific colors of paint. This artist takes you step by step, from choosing and preparing the colors to painting the background, middle, and foreground. You’ll learn to blend the colors and create depth through layering. 

5 Watercolor Tips

Discover five ways to create dynamic effects using wet-on-dry and wet-on-wet techniques with tubes of our Premium Artist Paint. This is the perfect video for beginning watercolorists as the narrator talks you through the painting every step of the way and offers helpful advice about such things as water-to-paint ratio, creating gradients, and how to layer hues. 

Vibrant Pear Tree

Whether you enjoy watching videos as a way to get your creativity flowing, or want to develop your technique, see how one artist paints a fruit in this inspiring video. Especially well-suited for more advanced watercolorists looking for a challenge, this video offers an up-close view of the brushstrokes that create the shadows, 3-dimensionality, and intricate details that make this a hyper-realistic artwork of pears still on the tree.

Double Exposure

Watch this timelapse and learn about creating a double exposure effect. You’ll see how to take one subject and create another subject within it. In this case, birds encase fantastical landscapes made with watercolor and enhanced with colored pencils. A trick to the eye and a beautiful sight to behold. Double exposure painting is just one of the many ways you can try new ideas and explore your imagination.

Product Review

Get an in-depth and up-close look at the Arteza Premium Artist Paints Set - 12 Colors as our reviewer explains everything you want to know about these unique paints. He tells you what it’s really like to use them and goes into specific detail about their features and benefits while also giving a mini demonstration to show them in action!

There you have it! Ten videos right at your fingertips to give you new ways of creating with watercolor paint. You can follow each one exactly or use them as a point of departure for your imagination and create your own custom art. There’s no right or wrong way, just have fun and keep making art!


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