15 Cool School Supplies Every Student Must Have

15 Cool School Supplies Every Student Must Have

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Get Ready for School

It’s that time of the year again when you get the kids ready for a new school year. To help make your task easier, we’ve added a special Back-To-School page to our website. Here you’ll find the school supplies you need to equip your young scholar with everything he or she needs to make it the best year ever! 

Along with the page, there are also special back-to-school discounts to enjoy. Sign up for our Rewards Program and receive cash back on everything you buy that can be used on future purchases! 

Let’s Go Back-To-School Shopping

Time to fill up your cart with school items. You’ll find all the essentials—pencils, pens, paper, pencil cases—plus more, to make it a successful school year!

Daily/Weekly Planners

1. Daily/Weekly Planners

Help your student stay on schedule with these daily and weekly planner sheets. The daily planner sheets let you write out your long term goals and break them down by the day and by the hour. The weekly planning sheets are the perfect organizing tool for students and busy parents to plan wisely and manage their action-packed commitments in the days and weeks ahead. Convenient tear-off sheets help you stay on top of priorities and things to do.


2. Pencils

You can’t have too many of these! Buy in bulk and always have a pencil handy. Whether you’re filling in bubbles on a standardized test, writing notes for class or sketching your new art piece, these smudge-free pencils are the best choice for every age student. They’re pre-sharpened with latex-free erasers. 

Rollerball Pens

3. Rollerball Pens

You’ll definitely want to stock up on this essential item for taking notes and writing essays. Each of these needlepoint rollerball pens writes with 0.5 mm lines so you can write with precision and accuracy. Get a clear line every time with pens that don’t scratch or skip and that are smear-free.

Colored Pencils

4. Colored Pencils

Not just for art classes, use these colored pencils in other classes for color-coding, diagramming and making graphs. Ergonomically designed for comfort with an easy grip, and they won't roll off your desk. The soft dense core is highly saturated with vibrant color. These pencils come pre-sharpened, too! 

Tempera Paint

5. Tempera Paint Bundle

Show your school spirit by creating posters, signs and banners with these versatile and easy-to-clean paints. This economical bundle includes a set of 32 tempera paints and a pack of 11" x 14" mixed-media DIY frames. Enjoy this washable, easy-to-use paint that includes metallic, neon, glitter and glow-in-the-dark shades. Non-toxic and safe enough for the youngest students.

Pencil Case

6. Pencil Cases

Never lose another pencil or pen with this handy pencil case with 64 slots. These flexible slots can hold up to 205 pencils, making it perfect for storing and transporting your pencils, pens and markers, and using on-the-go. A handy front pocket gives you room for carrying extra supplies. Choose from two cool printed patterns! 


7. Highlighter

Pay attention to the important details when studying by highlighting information with this set of highlighters in 6 neon colors. The quick-drying ink in these chisel-tip highlighters won't smudge, making them ideal for left-handed students. 

Foam Board

8. Foam Board

Make all your presentations and projects look A+ with these black foam boards. Lightweight and durable, each board is ⅕” thick and won’t bend in transport. Both sides are smooth enough for use. Tape them together for impressive dioramas and science project displays. 


9. Ruler

You never know when you’re going to be called on to measure or draw something to scale. Throw this triangular architect’s scale ruler in your bookbag, just in case. Made of sturdy anodized aluminum, this 12" ruler features three sides with six different scales. Great for scale drawings or models, with Imperial measurements, and scale guides.

Watercolor paint

10. Watercolor 

Every budding art student needs a quality set of watercolors to start the school year off right. That’s why this is an ideal set. You get 36 premium half pans of vibrant color in a protective metal case. These reusable watercolors stay brilliant even after re-wetting numerous times. Plus, no messy water cups needed since it comes with a handy water brush.

Watercolor Book

11. Watercolor Book

Student painters need a place to practice their art that’s easy to access when inspiration strikes. We’ve got just the thing—a hardcover watercolor book that’s 3.5" x 5.5" with 80 pages of watercolor paper, perfect for carrying in your backpack. Each 100% acid-free sheet is fade-resistant to preserve the vibrancy of your artwork. It has a handy ribbon bookmark so you’ll always start with a fresh sheet. Keep your book closed and your work protected with its secure elastic band. 

Dry Erase Board

12. Dry Erase Board

Ideal for doing homework or teaching from home, hang, or carry this framed magnetic dry erase lapboard for on-the-spot lessons or messages. These 12”x14” lapboards include markers with magnetic eraser caps that allow you to store the pens right on the board. This set also includes magnetic erasers, pen holders, magnets and push pins for attaching photos or messages to the cork border.

Dry Erase Markers

13. Dry Erase Markers

Always have a fresh marker in whatever color you want with this set of low-odor, chisel-tip dry erase markers. This bulk pack includes 52 markers in 12 unique shades—5 black, blue, red and green markers and 4 pink, purple, light blue, light green, yellow, orange, light brown, and brown markers. They contain low-odor ink and are certified safe to use by all ages. 

Sticky Notes

14. Sticky Notes 

No student should ever be without their trusty sticky notes for help remembering important dates for quick messaging! The 3”x3” blank and lined notes come in six neon colors with extra-sticky adhesive. Get 100 sheets in each pad. Buy alone or in a combination pack. Blank or lined ones, sticky notes rule!

Magnetic Letters & Numbers

15. Magnetic Letters & Numbers 

We can’t forget the newest students. Help them learn to read and write with these fun magnetic letters and numbers. You get 214 pieces in this set—104 lowercase letters, 52 uppercase letters, 20 numbers, 12 math symbols and 26 foam objects. There’s also a double-sided dry erase board, 6 dry erase markers and 1 magnetic eraser that’ll take your lessons to the next level. 

We think you’re going to be more than ready to meet the school year head-on with everything on this list! We wish all students, both those going to school for the very first time up to those facing their last year in school, a very successful year!

In case we missed something, don’t forget to check out our new Back-To-School page.

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