4 Family Fun Step-By-Step Easter Eggs

4 Family Fun Step-By-Step Easter Eggs

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Add These Adorable Eggs to Your Easter Decorations

When I think of spring, I think of Easter and that makes me want to decorate eggs. As an artist who’s always looking for new ways to express myself, thinking about what I can do with a simple wooden egg really gets my creative juices flowing. So, I thought I’d share with you four fun DIYs for making unique decorated eggs. 

These are not the usual dyed eggs you may have done in grade school. With these eggs, I’ve expanded my media to include acrylic paint, mica powder, fabric paint, acrylic markers, and polymer clay, for eggs you’ll probably want to leave out well past Easter. I know I do! This is also the perfect project to do with your kids. 

For more great DIY egg decorating ideas, check out our blog, “12 Easy to Make Easter Egg Designs.” 

List of Supplies

Easy & Fun Egg Designs

Pretty Pinecone

1. To get the color of a pinecone, I mixed together polymer clay in Cadmium Orange A107 and Blush Pink A402. I mixed it until I got one, consistent color. 

2. To make the scales, I rolled the clay into a narrow log and then tore small pieces from it and pressed them into petal shapes. 

3. Next, I glued these to the egg, layering them on top of each other. I continued until the egg was completely covered. 

4. To give the cone some sheen, I rubbed Amethyst Purple P40 mica powder on the bottom. 

5. I placed Aztec Gold Y12 mica powder across the middle.

6. Lastly, Bubblegum Glow P38 mica powder was put on top 

7. I baked the egg according to the clay’s package instructions.

Since these eggs don’t scream Easter, they’re pretty enough to have out all year.

Gold Dots

1. Using Violet A125 from the Arteza Acrylic Paint 60-Piece Kit and Olympic Blue A223 from the Outdoor Acrylic Paint, I painted the entire egg with a flat brush, then waited for it to dry.

2. I used random strokes of Electric Plum Purple P5 from the Outdoor Acrylic Paint Kit, to paint the egg. I allowed it to dry. 

3. I added dots to the entire egg’s surface using Gold A301 from the 3D Fabric Paint Set. As these dried, they puffed up and looked like tiny gold beads. I really love how royal this egg looks!

Bashful Bunny

1. Here, I lightly sketched the silhouette of a bunny using an HB pencil. 

2. I mixed Orange Yellow A114 and Light Apricot A135 to paint the background being careful not to go over my sketch.  

3. After it dried completely, I traced the outline of the bunny’s head and added the details of the face with the Space Black A105 acrylic marker. 

4. To paint the inside of the ears and the rosy cheeks, I used a thin brush and Pink A141. Isn’t he adorable?

Baby Unicorn

1. First, I painted my wooden egg with outdoor acrylic paint in Marshmallow White A201 and let it dry. 

2. I really wanted a delicate pink, which I got by mixing Pink A141 and Marshmallow White A201 with the acrylic art paint. I used that color on the bottom half of the egg and waited for it to dry.

3. To make the eyebrows, eyes, and mouth, I used the Space Black A105 acrylic marker. To make sure it didn’t smudge, I allowed it to dry. 

4. Since unicorns are magical beings, I used Playful Pink R1 from the Iridescent Acrylic Paint Set over the entire surface, While the paint was drying, I started sculpting the clay

5. To make a golden horn, I used the Gold A700 Oven-Bake Clay and kneaded it until it was pliable. You can get a spiral shape by dividing the clay into two pieces and roll each one into a long, narrow log shape. Then, connect the two ends of the logs and twist them together.. Cut off the excess using the carving knife from the Set of 22 Pottery & Clay Sculpting Tools. Apply a little pressure to attach the horn onto your egg. 

6. For the leaves, I used Fresh Green A602 clay, rolled it out into a thick log and divided it into three parts. I pinched the pieces to create leaf shapes and added veins using the carving knife. When all three leaves were done, I attached them to the horn leaving space between them for the flowers. 

7. Blush Pink A402 was used to make the petals the same way I made the petals for the pinecone and Lemon Yellow A100 to form the center of the flowers by rolling up three small balls. You’ll need four petals for each of the three flowers.

8. To create the roses, I rolled Bubble Bath Pink A400 into a long thin log shape and then flattened it. Next, I rolled it into a spiral shape of a rose. After trimming the excess it was ready to be attached. I made two more for a total of three roses. 

9. I filled in any empty spaces by adding leaves made with Pale Green A600.

10. Every unicorn has a sparkling horn so I decided to cover mine with Yellow Gold Y12 mica powder. How precious is this little guy?


  • I recommend priming your wooden craft eggs white before beginning the painted projects. Priming first allows the next layers of paint to adhere better and none of the natural grain of the wood will show through for a more solid appearance. 
  • By using sculpting tools instead of kitchen knives or other utensils you have around the house, you’ll have more control of the shapes you want to create. There are also additional tools in the set that will help add details or smooth away any bumps or folds in the clay. 
  • I suggest painting the Bashful Bunny with a clear varnish once completed to help the design last longer.  

You can make these fun eggs for easy art projects with your friends and family. Kids have such great imaginations, this is really a fun project that will give them a chance to stretch their creativity while spending time with you. I hope you’re as excited as I am about trying new materials or old materials in unexpected ways. 

When I’m learning a new craft or art technique, it helps if I can see someone actually doing it. We’ve created a blog with 12 different designs so you can see how these decorative eggs and more are made. It will reinforce the steps I have written here, making it easier than ever to have a successful result!  

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