5 Birthday Collage Ideas

Collages as Birthday Gifts

People appreciate homemade gifts because they’re made with love. Not only are you spending valuable time, but you’re choosing to create a one-of-a-kind item someone can treasure, always.

Glitter Collage Globe

Not everyone is the greatest artist, and sometimes a task like making a birthday gift collage can seem daunting. All you really need is some basic knowledge on how to make your art supplies work for you. Arteza has tips for drawing with pencils, for just this purpose.

Pull together all your craft supplies, at least one photo of you and the birthday person, a clear jar, and a piece of paper small enough to fit in the jar, but big enough to stay put once you put water in inside.

Once you’ve transformed your piece of paper into a collage, laminate, and slide it into the jar. Dump as much glitter as you want inside, then fill with water. Twist shut and give it a shake!

Nature Collage

Create a natural collage for a nature lover. Go outdoors and collect sticks, stones, shells, leaves, even dirt to build textures onto a wooden block or canvas panel. Bring the outdoors in, for a gift that keeps on giving, year round.

Decorate Your Party with a Photo Collage

Unique birthday decorations are hard to come by, particularly for milestone birthdays. We’ve all seen the streamers, balloons, cake and confetti - boring! A photo collage in the shape of a number is fun for guests and a great keepsake for the guest of honor.

Recycle cardboard boxes by cutting out the shape of the number and gluing it together to create a 3D structure. Once the glue is dry, paste as many fun photos of the birthday person as it takes to cover the whole number. Don’t be afraid to cut, tear, and layer the photos to perfection!

If you want something that will better stand the test of time, try creating the number out of wood instead. You could apply the same concept and create a letter collage as well. Just pick the celebrated person’s first or last initial, maybe even both!

Create a Collage as a Birthday Activity

Birthday parties need activities, and not just for the kids!

Get a blank canvas and panel for party guests to decorate for the birthday person. Have friends and family snap and glue polaroid pictures, cut and paste newspaper clippings, and use paint to add some color. Each person gets to add a little something to the canvas, et voila! Art for your wall!

Set up a sculpting area with some non-firing clay, and sculpting tools. Have each of your guests make a small sculpture which can be painted once dry. After the party and paint hang the sculptures together on a wall like a collage for a one of a kind piece of abstract art. Not to worry if you don’t have sculpting tools, Arteza has an excellent starter set.

Birthday Card Collage

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Birthday Card Collage

Who doesn’t love a fun card from a friend or significant other? It’s all about the personal message on the inside. Those notes from loved ones are why we’ve got a growing stack of cards tucked away for safekeeping.

If you’re really trying to give a sentimental gift, or make the recipient laugh, design a card collage to give your friend. All you need are:

  1. A sheet of paper as a base
  2. Magazines to cut or tear out words significant and specific to your relationship
  3. Colored pencils, pens, markers, paint, anything you want to write with really
  4. Photos if you want to use them
  5. Scissors to cut and glue to stick

You can draw and write on the card, adding your cutouts, use paint wherever you want it, build a little mixed media art to share with the birthday boy or girl.

There is only one and only relationship like the two of yours. No one will ever understand it better than the two of you. Create something equally as unique and special.

Fabric Collage

Make a Quilt Collage

When thinking about collages, we tend not to stray too far from photos, paper, maybe some paint. If you’re sewing savy a quilt collage is the perfect birthday gift. Play with different types of textiles, and threads to create a piece of wall art or even sew an actual quilt for the birthday person to use or decorate with.

Even if you’re not a quilting expert, you can use fabrics to fashion a colorful geometric collage to glue to canvas. Not to worry if you don’t have what you need to get started, Arteza has great selection of quilting supplies once you’ve been bitten by the crafting bug.

Collages make an excellent addition to any birthday party, whether they’re given as a unique and special gift, or as a fun decorative keepsake.

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