9 Amazing Mother’s Day Gifts to Make

9 Amazing Mother’s Day Gifts to Make

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Make Her Mother’s Day Special

There’s no better way to show Mom how much she means to you than by making her a special gift this Mother’s Day. To help you make just the right thing, we’ve put together a list of fun and easy DIY gifts she’s sure to treasure. Choose one or make an assortment for a special gift basket to show your mother some love on her special day.

Gift Ideas

mother day cup

1. Custom Mug

She’ll think of you every morning while sipping her coffee or tea with this special cup made just for her. Create a cute image or meaningful quote with our Self Adhesive Vinyl that comes in lots of brilliant colors. Cut and stick on for an adorable way to show you care!

mother day coupons

2. Coupons

She’s done so much for you all your life, it’s time to give back. Create one-of-a-kind coupons to remind her that you’re there for her with hugs, admiration, or to do some chores.

Coupons are easy to make. All you need is some paper and Markers to draw colorful pictures and words. Cut them out, put in an envelope, and she’ll be able to redeem them whenever she pleases!

shadow box

3. Flower Shadow Box

Mom will love to get these flowers because they never wilt. And with a message from you, she’ll always know how you feel about her. This shadow box doesn’t use a lot of materials but has a big impact with Felt Fabric for the roses, and Self Adhesive Vinyl for the quote.

Follow these easy steps on our YouTube channel.


4. Keychain Charm

You’ll always be her little one, and an adorable character to put on her keychain is a sweet reminder. Our Polymer Clay is the perfect way to make your charm. It’s soft enough to shape into any form, bakes safely in the oven, and can be painted any way you like. This is sure to bring a smile to her face and warmth to her heart!

Bath Bomb

5. Bath Bomb

Mom deserves a trip to a spa and you can give her that same experience right in her own home. Bath bombs are a wonderful way to relax and feel pampered, and we’ve got a simple recipe that you can mix together in your kitchen that lets you add beautiful colors with Mica Powder. Place them in a pretty basket or box tied with ribbon. Trust me, she’ll thank you for it!

t shirt mother day

6. T-Shirt

The world needs to know that your mother is the best! The fastest way to do that is with a T-shirt proclaiming that she’s a superhero. Creating her special shirt is easy when you use Fabric Paint. You can write or draw something freehand or use a stencil. Fabric paint is long lasting and made to not wash out, so mom can wear her special shirt over and over.

glitter vase

7. Glitter Vase

If you’re going to give her flowers, put them in a glitter vase designed by you and she’ll keep it out all year. Glitter, glue, and a glass jar are all you need. Get some design inspiration with our blog about how to create a glitter vase.


8. Candles

Create decorative candles in your mother’s favorite colors or hues that match her home decor using Mica Powder. When mixed with candle wax, it provides subtle colors that give off a soft glow once the candle is lit. To see how these were made, check out our video on Instagram.

flower pot

9. Painted Flower Pot

Add an artful touch to her garden with a painted flower pot. You can paint her favorite subject, flowers, or give her a faux fish pond. By using our Outdoor Acrylic Paint you don’t have to worry about the painting wearing off, and Mom will have a pot to plant flowers in every season. Click here for the steps to make this Koi Fish Flower Pot.

Mother’s Day should be every day, so don’t wait to show yours how wonderful she is. You can create any of these things at any time to show your appreciation for all she’s done. Handmade gifts, made at home, are always a winner. So grab your paints, glitter, or flower pots and your imagination and start creating today! Let me know how you made it an extra special Mother’s Day in the comments section.


That sounds perfect, Reese! We can’t wait to see what you have in store for this year’s Mother’s Day.


Wow these are great ideas!
I’m gonna use these!

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