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Art Challenge: Celebrating International Women’s Day

Art Challenge: Celebrating International Women’s Day

Throughout the years, women have been able to make huge impacts in many aspects of life, ranging from social to economic to political. Whether they’re inspiring us through amazing artistic creations, or uplifting us with incredible speeches, women have always been working hard to make the world we live in a better place. International Women’s Day provides the perfect moment in which to pause and take note of all of the things women have done all over the planet and even in your life. Almost everyone has had a woman that has deeply impacted their life, whether it’s your mother or even a friend or a role model. As we all continue to work on shattering the glass ceiling, it’s always nice to look back at all of our accomplishments so far. Women have played a huge part in inspiring us and we at Arteza want to celebrate their accomplishments through creativity. 

Our team at Arteza is filled with talented women that not only help us spread our love of art to the world, but also create stunning masterpieces in a variety of media. These women work hard each and every day to make sure you have the best Arteza experience, while also injecting their love of art into everything they do. Each woman creates in their own unique way and has their own perspectives when it comes to making art. We had the honor of sitting down with them and speaking about one of their common passions, art, and what it means to them. Check out our latest video highlighting these incredible women.

We hope you’re feeling inspired by that video and ready to create! And remember, if you took part in Arteza’s International Women’s Day Art Challenge, WE ANNOUNCE THE WINNER TODAY!! The winner will be announced via Instagram live stream at 1 p.m. (EST). We hope you’ll join us for our little virtual celebration and will help us in congratulating the winner. Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@artezaofficial) and on our other social media to stay up to date with all of our contests, newest products, and more.

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