Top 20 Arteza Art Supplies Under $20 to Help You Save Money

Top 20 Arteza Art Supplies Under $20 to Help You Save Money

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Save Money on the Art Supplies You Need

Finding quality art supplies that fit your particular budget can be a bit challenging, especially when you’re just starting to get creative. While it can be overwhelming to see all the different types of art supplies and what they cost, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of some of our best products for artists on a budget. All the supplies on the list are high-quality and will work well for both beginners and professionals. Keep reading to see which cost-effective art supplies you’ll be adding to your collection next.

Top 20 Under $20

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    1. Acrylic Premium Artist Paint in 22 ml Tubes, Set of 12

    This highly versatile paint has all the colors you need to build a beautiful palette that will fit well with a variety of compositions. Each of the colors are rich, blendable and heavy-bodied which make them great for creating custom shades and adding texture. You can also use these paints on a variety of surfaces ranging from wood to stretched canvases.

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    2. Real Brush Pens, Set of 12 or 24

    Artists can’t get enough of these intriguing pens. They’re both a brush and a marker all in one! You can use beautiful, painterly strokes to create drawings then add a touch of water to transform your drawings into paintings. This affordable set of pens is a great place to start for any artist.

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    3. Watercolor Premium Artist Paint, Set of 24

    Enjoy the art of watercolor painting with this premium watercolor set of 24 colors. You’ll get a great mix of both primary and secondary shades. These highly pigmented paints look beautiful even when you apply them with water. Plus, they work well with any watercolor techniques you prefer to use in your paintings.

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    4. Inkonic Fineliner Pens, Set of 72

    If you’re a fan of cross-hatching or ink drawings, these are the perfect pens for you. Their fine 0.4 mm nibs are great for capturing every detail and can add tons of bright colors to your work. They also come in a secure tin, so you can easily bring them around with you or leave them on your desk as a stylish part of your collection.

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    5. Professional Colored Pencils, Set of 48

    From coloring books to hyper-realistic illustrations, colored pencils are a tool that every artist wants to have. These premium colored pencils are break-resistant and glide smoothly onto your page. Arteza’s colored pencils also arrive pre-sharpened so you can start creating as soon as you open your tin.

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    6. Metallic Liquid Chalk Markers, Set of 8

    Chalk is a fun medium to work with, but we’ve elevated that with Arteza’s Liquid Chalk Markers. These can be used to create gorgeous, metallic designs and are easily cleaned from a variety of smooth surfaces. Each set also comes with a pair of tweezers so you can easily swap out the nibs when you need a new one, or swap the rounded tips for chisel tips as needed.

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    7. Retractable Gel Pens in Assorted Colors, Pack of 20

    We’re pretty sure the saying goes “The Pen is mightier than the sword,” and these pens sure live up to the hype. The quick-drying, vibrant ink is great for both left-handed and right-handed creators because you won’t smudge your work. All the pens also have a soft-touch barrel, so you’ll be able to create for long periods of time in comfort.

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    8. Mini Sketchbooks, 3.5" x 5.5"

    If you have lots of ideas and don’t know where to put them, get yourself a set of sketchbooks. This pack comes with two, so you’ll always have a spare when you fill one up.  These compact books are great travel companions and their acid-free paper will ensure your notes and sketches look perfect even after several years of use.

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    9. Canvas Pad, 9" x 12"

    Stretched canvases and canvas panels are great, but sometimes you just need something a bit more compact. This portable pad of canvas sheets is great to bring with you when you feel like painting on-the-go. This is also a phenomenal option if you have limited space in your studio or on your desk.

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    10. Gray-Toned Sketchbooks, Pack of 3

    Sometimes a different colored surface can help you change your perspective and will force you to create in a new way. Gray-toned sketchbooks are interesting because you’ll notice that your white highlights will pop more and your deep shadows will look even deeper than usual. This pack of three sketchbooks is great because you can keep a sketchbook in multiple places for whenever you’re feeling creative.

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    11. Detail Paint Brushes, Set of 15

    Having a dependable set of brushes is always a good idea for painters. Our detail brushes have high-quality synthetic bristles that apply heavy paints like oils and acrylics well. The hair is held together on the brush by a dependable ferrule that won’t rust or allow your brush to shed. 

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    12. Scratch Art Paper Pad Kit

    When you settle down to create art with this set, you’ll discover just how satisfying scratch art can be. As you scratch the black surface, you’ll reveal rainbow effects underneath. Each set comes with stylus scratchers and a little file to help you sharpen your scratchers as you work.

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    13. Coloring Books with Doodle and Animal Illustrations

    Sometimes you just want a relaxing activity to do after a long day. These coloring pages are perfect for that. You’ll have 144 unique designs to choose from, and you can choose your favorite coloring tools to add life to the pages. The pages are thick and bleed-resistant, and can easily be removed from the glue binding when you’re ready to display your masterpiece.

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    14. Holographic Glitter Shakers, Set of 2

    Add a touch of sparkle to your project with these holographic glitter shakers. There are two sets to choose from so you can pick the set that fits your project best. Pair these with a bit of school glue, or mix them into your resin projects to make your artwork shine.

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    15. Narrow Chisel Tip Highlighters in 6 Assorted Colors

    These brightly colored markers are great for catching your attention on paperwork, but did you know you could also use them to create neon artwork? The bright colors and chisel tips are good for everything from color-coding to drawing. This bulk set is also great for keeping your desk or workspace stocked with the essentials.

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    16. Black Sketchpads

    Working on black paper almost forces you to think in reverse as you create. You might apply your highlights first instead of adding shadows to build values. This heavyweight paper is in a convenient spiral-bound pad that you can easily bring with you if you like to create on-the-go.

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    17. Chalkboard Wall Sticker

    As an artist, you’ve probably had the urge to turn a blank wall into your canvas at some point. With this large Chalkboard Wall Sticker, you can turn any wall into a canvas and draw on it to your heart’s content. Each one has helpful guidelines on the back to help you trim your sticker as needed, and it comes with eight chalk sticks to help you get started.

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    18. Adhesive Back Felt Fabric Sheets

    Felt is such an interesting medium to work with because it can be adapted into so many different shapes for a variety of effects. You can cut out shapes to create 2-D characters or stick two shapes together to create a plush. The adhesive backing allows you to create with this felt without needing to sew. 

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    19. Oil Premium Artist Paint, Set of 24

    Oil paints are one of the most classic mediums to create with. This rich, slow-drying paint can be used to create texture and mixed into unique shades for your artwork. Something that makes these paints special is that if you make a mistake, you can come back and correct it before the paint dries. 

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    20. Mechanical Pencils with Refills, Pack of 16

    A good way to plan out your piece before you start painting or coloring is by sketching out your idea. Mechanical pencils are great for this because you’ll get precise lines and you don’t need to sharpen your pencil. These sleek pencils have a comfortable rubber grip and come with refills for both the lead and the erasers.

    Affordable Art Supplies for Artists of All Levels 

      You don’t need to break the bank to make amazing artwork. We believe art is for everyone and work hard to create quality supplies for artists of all levels and budgets. You may surprise yourself with just how many art projects you can make with all of these sets and art tools. Sometimes when you create limits for yourself, it can push you to be even more creative. Arteza’s quality art supplies are designed to help you bring your best ideas to life. Just think of us as your suppliers of self-expression! Explore your creative side and share your artwork with us in the comments below. 

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