Draw Your Spirit Animal Using Our Best Sellers

Draw Your Spirit Animal Using Our Best Sellers

If you’re looking to manifest things in your life, you’ll have more success when you’re working with your spirit animal. If you’ve ever felt incredibly connected or drawn to a specific animal, there is a good chance that they are guiding and/or protecting you. It is said that if you see your spirit animal repeatedly, it’s a sign that you’re on the right path in life towards reaching your full potential. Since visualization is one of the strongest ways to manifest, we highly recommend you spend some time drawing, coloring, painting, or sketching your spirit animal. In this article, we’ll take a look at the symbolism of the horse, cat, fox, butterfly, and unicorn as spirit animals. Additionally, I’ll recommend which of our best sellers to use to draw your spirit animal. 

Horse: Freedom 

Image of a horse

Are you a free-spirited individual? If so, the horse is likely your spirit animal! Horses are majestic and unstoppable. Horse magic is profoundly powerful and free—channel horse magic whenever you feel inferior or caged in a situation. The best way to channel your inner horse magic is to keep a hand-made picture by your bedside or over your desk. Use Arteza’s expert-grade Professional Drawing Pencil Set of 33 to create a truly powerful drawing of your spirit animal!

Cat:  Intuition

Image of a cat

Cats are incredibly intuitive creatures; if your gut always seems to know best, or you wish to get in greater touch with your intuition, call upon the cat. Cats come in many shapes and forms, whether you identify with a house cat or a mighty lioness, your intuition likely guides you—don’t second guess this. Whether you’re looking to become more aligned with your natural instincts, or are looking to visualize your spirit animal, create a painting of whichever cat you identify with most, using our Set of 60 Gouache Premium Artist Paints!

Fox: Slyness

Image of a fox

Foxes are known for being the masters of deception. The spirit of the fox is mysterious, adaptable, elusive, and sly. If you’re a mysterious soul who finds they can usually twist the truth to get what they want, the fox is likely your spirit animal! Use fox magic in times when adapting to newness seems challenging. The fox will come to your rescue if you truly visualize it to tap into its infinite, mysterious power. Our expert-grade Set of 48 Professional Colored Pencils is perfect for creating a colorful drawing of your spirit animal!

Butterfly: Transformation


Image of a butterfly

If you’re going through a change or transformation of sorts, the butterfly is likely guiding your transition. Butterflies are known for their ability to transform from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. If you find yourself currently shielding, protecting, or growing in a metaphorical cocoon, create a painting of a butterfly (or butterflies) to ensure the arrival of this transformation goes as smoothly as possible! Use butterfly magic whenever you’re moving from one stage of your life to another. Bring a butterfly into your life, using our professional-grade Set of 36 Metallic Gouache Artist Paints!

Unicorn: Magic

Image of a unicorn

While unicorns don’t exist in our world, they sure do in the world of spirit animals! If your soul recognizes the unicorn as your spirit animal, don’t second guess it—these powerful creatures are known for their magic abilities, as well as positivity, wishes, and power. Use your inner unicorn magic whenever you desire to make a wish, or want to personify positivity. The best way to channel your inner unicorn is to create a marker drawing of your spirit animal to keep somewhere special! Our Sketch TwiMarkers Dual Tipped Set of 100 features every color in the rainbow, so you can create a super vibrant and mystical unicorn drawing.

Trust that your path in life is being guided by your spirit animal. You are truly protected through whichever spirit animal resonates most with you. If you don’t find that the unicorn, butterfly, fox, cat, or horse resonate with your soul, think about what animals you’ve felt safest around. What animals have you always felt protected by? Meditate on this question, and perhaps the animal will (quite literally) come to you! Spend some time in nature, see if the birds call a little more when you’re near. Your spirit animal is guiding your path, all you have to do is pay attention and channel their magic in moments of doubt. Channel your inner strength by creating a drawing, painting, illustration, or mixed media piece of your spirit animal using any of our best sellers. Share your work with us in the Customer Reviews section of whichever product(s) you use to depict your spirit animal, we can’t wait to see what you create! 

Interested in seeing more Arteza products for your spirit animal artwork? Shop suggested set below for your creation.

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