Earth Day with Arteza Products

Earth Day with Arteza Products

Celebrate Earth Day the creative way this year!

Every April 22nd we get a day dedicated to celebrating the planet Earth. Earth Day marks the anniversary of the start of the modern environmental movement which took place April 22nd, 1970. Earth Day is a day in which people all over the world can come together and give back to the earth, or spend some time outside at the very least. While you certainly can plant a tree this Earth Day, we also invite you to create a drawing, chalk mural, or painting of a tree this Earth Day! Spend some time outside creating with neighbors, loved ones, friends, family, or yourself Earth Day 2022. If by chance the weather isn’t ideal for creating outdoors this Earth Day, create a drawing or painting beside your window, perhaps even of your view! The creative opportunities are endless when it comes to celebrating planet Earth.

We’ve taken the time to create the ultimate Earth Day art supplies list:

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Earth Tones Soft & Stiff Felt Fabric Set of 50 — Create 2D and 3D artwork and craft pieces that feature a beautiful array of earth tones with this Soft and Stiff Felt Fabric Set of 50. Each felt fabric sheet comes in the size 8.3” x 11.8”, providing crafters, artists, and DIYers with plenty of felt fabric to manipulate. The 10 earth tone shades included are Teddy Bear Brown, Honey Yellow, Caramel, Cherry Red, Laurel Green, Storm Gray, Olive Green, Artichoke Green, Dusty Pink, and Fossil Gray. You can craft everything from autumn leaves to landscapes with the wide range of colors featured. The two green shades included will come in handy when depicting grass, leaves, vegetation, or plants. Use the included blue shades for depicting the ocean, bodies of water, and the sky. The pink shade, orange sheets, and red color are perfect for depicting sunsets or sunrises! Craft Earth-themed home decor or craft pieces with this plentiful Soft and Stiff Felt Fabric Set.

Fun Fact: Senator Nelson (of Wisconsin) is responsible for the first Earth Day, which was on April 22nd, 1970.
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Earth Tones Gouache Paint Set of 12 — Produce gouache paintings that showcase just how gorgeous our Earth is with this Gouache Paint Set of 12. The included Earth Tones are ideal for painting landscapes, seascapes, and even sunsets. The brown, gray, green, cream, orange, white, and tan shades featured will assist painters of all backgrounds in creating artwork with developed color schemes. This set of 12 gouache paints makes the ultimate limited palette for producing nature-themed paintings. Gouache paint can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including paper, stretched canvas, canvas panels, and stone. Go outdoors this Earth Day, find a rock that catches your eye, then bring it to life with this Earth Tones Gouache Paint Set of 12. Take on countless paintings and craft projects this Earth Day using this must-have gouache paint set.

Fun Fact: Senator Nelson chose April 22nd because many students’ are on Spring Break; his aim was for young people to participate in Earth Day.
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Earth Tones Liquid Chalk Markers Set of 16 — Embrace Earth Day with this Liquid Chalk Markers Set of 16. This earth tones set of chalk markers can be used for a wide range of arts and crafts, including creating a chalk mural, creating signage to celebrate Earth Day, and transforming the appearance of stones. Our water-based chalk markers are odor-free and completely non-toxic. This versatile set of chalk markers can be used indoors on a blackboard or chalkboard sticker, or outside on the sidewalk, your driveway, or even on the side of your garage! Produce an Earth Day-themed mural or signage, or if you’re a teacher bring this set with you to class to jot down notes in beautiful earth tones. Secure this Liquid Chalk Markers Set of 16 while supplies last!

Fun Fact: Over 20 million Americans participated in the first Earth Day—at the time that was 10% of the United States population.
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Earth Tones Permanent Markers Set of 40 — Permanent markers are super versatile, making them the ideal addition to your shopping cart. Our Earth Tones Permanent Markers Set of 40 features 20 somber and bright earth tones to choose from. Arteza’s permanent markers are suitable for wood surfaces, metal, ceramics, paper, stretched canvas, canvas panel, stones, glass, and more, making the creative opportunities endless. Take a nice long (or short) walk this Earth Day and pick up any stones that catch your eye. Then, if the weather is favorable, sit in your yard, porch, patio, balcony, or even at your local park and transform each stone, one by one, using the 20 colors included in this permanent marker set. Alternatively, you could transform the appearance of your flower pots using these colorful markers. Of course you can always stick to paper and create a picture of whatever Earth Day means to you!

Fun Fact: In 2009, the UN designated April 22nd as International Mother Earth Day.
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Outdoor Acrylic Paint Set of 20 — Transform your outdoor furniture or craft artwork to decorate your backyard, patio, porch, or balcony with Arteza’s Outdoor Acrylic Paint Set of 20. This premium acrylic paint set features every color in the rainbow, and a few extra, including metallic gold and silver shades. Outdoor acrylic paint is similar to traditional acrylic paint except it is formulated to withstand the weather outside, so you can jazz up the appearance of your backyard, front yard, shed, barn, or garage. This paint is perfect for decorating flower pots, outside furniture, and other outside decorations. Create a warm welcome sign for your garden, yard, barn, or home, using this super blendable, pigment-packed, outdoor acrylic paint. Our Outdoor Acrylic Paint is optimal for mural paintings, especially on brick or concrete surfaces. Paint outside this Earth Day using our professional-grade Outdoor Acrylic paint Set of 20!

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Kids Outdoor Chalk Stencil Set of 32 — Celebrate Earth Day with your little ones using our Kids Outdoor Chalk Stencil Set. This set is safe and suitable for children ages 3 and up however you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the nostalgic fun of creating sidewalk chalk drawings and murals. Take a trip down memory lane and draw and play hopscotch! This plentiful chalk set includes an easy to carry container, four egg chalks, 10 rocket chalks, 12 jumbo sidewalk chalks, five thick stencil sheets, and a large chalk clip. Our outdoor chalk set is made to work smoothly on pavement, concrete, and chalkboard surfaces. If the weather calls for it, take the fun outside with this colorful chalk kit—if it’s cloudy or chilly out, simply create a chalk drawing on a chalk wall sticker, A-Frame Magnetic Chalkboard, or a Rustic Chalkboard. Order this Kids Outdoor Chalk Stencil Set to encourage your family to create outside more frequently.

Fun Fact: Senator Nelson started Earth Day in response to a massive oil spill in the waters near Santa Barbara, CA in 1969.
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Coastal Landscape Paint by Numbers, Beginner Level Kit — Spend this Earth Day producing a beautiful seascape painting with our beginner-level Coastal Landscape Paint by Numbers Kit. Whether you’ve never painted or are somewhat new to painting, you’re sure to make excellent use of this easy-to-follow paint by numbers kit. This painting kit comes complete with 12 acrylic paints, a 12” x 16” canvas panel with a coastal design, five paint brushes in varying sizes and shapes, a reference page, a reference picture, and metal pins for hanging. Since this paint by numbers kit is super portable, you can paint at the beach, park, by the lake, at the park, or in your yard. Make it a point to create outside this Earth Day using this Coastal Landscapes Paint by Numbers!

Fun Fact: Scientists have estimated that there are over 3 trillion trees on planet Earth.
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Kids Egg Shaped Chalk, Set of 12 — Arteza’s Kids Egg Shaped Chalk Set of 12 makes a wonderful addition to your Earth Day arts and crafts supplies list. Our easy-to-hold chalk is AP-certified non-toxic and safe for children ages 3 and up. This set features two of each of the following chalk colors: Yellow Pale, Scarlet Red, Mars Brown, Mid Green, Cerulean Blue, and Raw Umber (black). Children will make great use of this versatile set of chalk this Spring and Summer. From hopscotch to four square to coloring your driveway and sidewalks, outside chalk is truly a versatile medium. Since Easter falls a few days before Earth Day this year, you’ll be glad you grabbed our Kids Egg Shaped Chalk Set today—secure yours while supplies last.

Fun Fact: Many walk or bike instead of driving to celebrate Earth Day.
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Kids Ultimate Sidewalk Chalk Set - 37 Pieces — Supply your children with the ultimate chalk set with this plentiful kids chalk set. This chalk set is suitable for children ages 3 and up, however kids and preteens will surely make great use of this versatile set. Our Kids Ultimate Sidewalk Chalk Set comes complete with a chalk game guide, to ensure your children play outside this Earth Day! While this chalk set is designed for kids, teenagers and adults will enjoy joining in on the creative fun. This must-have chalk set comes complete with 10 jumbo sidewalk chalk sticks, five mid rocket chalks, five mid bullet chalks, 10 watercolor chalks (how exciting!), four regular chalk clips, a large chalk clip, a tool box, and a chalk game guide book. Add more range to your child’s outdoor games collection with this Kids Ultimate Sidewalk Chalk Set!

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Monstera Paint by Numbers, Beginner Level Kit — Create a painting that depicts the beauty of plants and vegetation with our Monstera Paint by Numbers Kit. This beginner-level paint by numbers kit includes everything painters need to create, including acrylic paints and five paint brushes (of varying sizes and shapes). The calming monstera design will complement any setting, so you can create your own decor! This Earth Day, throw your own Paint Night using this Paint by Numbers Kit; invite some friends over and paint in your yard or driveway. Take in Mother Earth while you bring your monstera paintings to life. Afterwards, find a home for your painting, ideally somewhere you visit frequently so you can often be reminded of your most memorable Earth Day yet! Secure your Paint by Numbers Kit while supplies last.

Fun Fact: In 2012, over 100,000 people rode bikes in China to reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel.
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Sunrise Diamond Painting Craft Set of 2 — While diamond painting may be a bit difficult to do outside, you can still appreciate the beauty of our Earth while creating indoors with our Sunrise Diamond Painting Craft Set. This sunrise and sunset diamond painting set is suggested for intermediate diamond painters, however if you’re a beginner and are up for a creative challenge go for it! This set includes everything you need, making it an all-in-one set perfect for anyone new to this medium. The beautiful seascape designs truly celebrate the beauty and depth of our planet. Start this diamond painting this Earth Day, if you’re new to this medium, you’ll be happily surprised to find out first-hand just how fun and stress-relieving creating diamond paintings is. Order our Sunrise Diamond Painting Craft Set today!

There are countless ways to creatively celebrate Earth Day! We hope we gave you some fun ideas to try out. In addition to the mentioned creative activities, you can also paint a leaf, decorate a lantern, create earth-themed jewelry, paint a pinecone, create a painting to showcase outside, and paint rocks to use to add more color to your garden. The creative opportunities are endless, grab your art supplies and see where it takes you! We can’t wait to see what you create this Earth Day, be sure to tag us on social media and leave a comment in the comment section of this article to share with us how your Earth Day celebrations go. Stock up on all the supplies you need to make this Earth Day your most creative yet!

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