Exciting New Arrivals

Exciting New Arrivals

Start the new year off with some of our latest and greatest products! We’re excited to introduce you all to our newest arrivals, including a Silicone Mold Set, Intermediate Level Paint by Number Kit, Ultimate Shimmer Craft Acrylic Paint & Tool Medium Art Set, Kids Alphabet, Numbers, and Shapes Activity Book Set, and our Single Color Oven-Bake Clay 5-Packs. Regardless of your skill set, age, or preferred medium, it’s always a great idea to add something new to your art supplies collection! Whether you’re restocking your classroom, art studio, or home, or looking to experiment with a new medium, be sure to browse our New Arrivals Collection to find just what you need. For more information on some of our latest product launches, keep reading!

Silicone Mold Set, Geometric Shape

Silicone Mold Set, Geometric Shape — Create everything from epoxy resin pieces to hand-made soaps to bath bombs with this versatile set of flexible silicone molds. Our silicone mold set features a fun and diverse range of geometric shapes, to add more options to your current collection. The geometric shapes featured in this set of six include a cube, ball, square, pyramid, heart, and circle. This mold set makes a wonderful introductory set for anyone looking to take on a new creative hobby or medium. Complete resin pieces without any hassles arising from your molds with this geometric silicone mold set! Add this budget-friendly silicone mold set to your shopping cart today to get one step closer to crafting confidently with epoxy resin, candle wax, and even polymer clay.

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Paint by Number, Mandala - Intermediate Level Kit — If you’re in need of a new creative outlet or a more challenging paint by number set, look no further than our Mandala Paint by Number Kit. This intermediate level paint by numbers kit includes a 12” x 16” mandala design canvas panel, 12 acrylic paint pots, paint brushes in the following sizes: #12, #1(x2), #2/0, #4/0, hanging accessories, and detailed instructions. Our all-in-one paint by numbers kit features a beautiful mandala design, to take you one step closer toward peace of mind as you paint your worries away. As you transform the mandala design featured in this paint by number kit, you’ll find yourself focusing on the task at hand, and leaving your stress behind. Order this easy-to-follow paint by number kit for your next solo Paint Night; or order a few and invite some friends over to paint with you!

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Ultimate Shimmer Craft Acrylic Paint & Tool Medium Art Set — Take your pour paintings, mixed media pieces, acrylic paintings, and craft projects to the next level with our Ultimate Shimmer Craft Acrylic Paint and Tool Medium Art Set. This acrylic paint set includes everything artists need to produce dazzling paintings and mixed media masterpieces. We’ve included five (classic) pouring acrylic paints, four iridescent pouring acrylic paint bottles, four pearlized craft paint bottles, four 3D fabric paint bottles, three chunky glitters (in the colors Fairy Dust, Frosty Vibes, and Gold Dust), five foam craft brushes, five small wood slices, two round canvases, two hexagon canvases, and two triangular canvases. This plentiful acrylic painter’s kit makes a generous gift for any artist in your life. Whether you’re looking to restock your current collection, pick back up painting, or give painting a shot for the first time, our Ultimate Shimmer Craft Acrylic Paint and Tool Medium Art Set has got you covered! Set yourself up for creative success by securing this acrylic paint set while supplies last.

Kids Alphabet, Numbers, and Shapes Activity Book Set

Kids Alphabet, Numbers, and Shapes Activity Book Set — Any child (ages 3 and up) will be thrilled to receive this dot markers activity book! This kids art set comes complete with a  50-page alphabet, numbers, and shapes activity book, alongside six dot markers in the colors red, yellow, green, blue, bright blue, and purple. Children can easily mix and match colors, through layering, blending, and while mixing while applying their dot markers. Our dot markers are designed to fit comfortably in children's hands and are completely non-toxic. The sponge tip applicator featured on each dot marker allows for mess-free applications every time. This fun-filled, educational, and hands-own kids activity book set will make learning more entertaining for the kids in your life! Grab this Kids Alphabet, Numbers, and Shapes Activity Book Set to show a child in your life just how exciting learning can be when dot markers are in the picture.

Oven-Bake Clay, 5 Pack - Single Color

Oven-Bake Clay, 5 Pack - Single Color — Available in the colors Autumn Red, Black Noir, Dark Blue, Denim Blue, Dolphin Gray, Emerald Green, Honey, Hot Pink, Lavender, Lemon Yellow, Orange, Parakeet Green, Peach, Red, and Titanium White, Arteza’s Open Stock Oven-Bake Clay is just what you need to start or restock your polymer clay collection. Our super blendable, soft, non-toxic, and easy to bake single color 5-packs come complete with 10 oz of polymer clay total. Create anything from clay jewelry to custom figurines with our oven-bake clay! Our single color clay packs are ideal for artists looking to grab all the colors they need for upcoming DIY projects and craft pieces. Whether you own your own hand-made clay jewelry shop or you’re looking to experiment with this medium for the first time, our professional-grade polymer clay is sure to exceed your expectations. See for yourself how major a difference it makes to work with soft and pliable polymer clay by ordering every color you need through our Single Color Oven-Bake Clay 5-Packs!

Make 2022 your most creative year yet, start by investing in some new arts and crafts supplies! Take up painting with our Mandala Intermediate Level Paint by Number Kit, or explore the wondrous world of polymer clay with our Single Color Oven-Bake Clay 5-Packs. Teach a child in your life the importance of learning creatively by supplying them with our Kids Alphabet, Numbers, and Shapes Activity Book Set! Create your very own epoxy resin pieces, hand-made candles, and/or soaps with our truly versatile Geometric Shapes Silicone Mold Set. Become the MVP of Family Night, or treat yourself to some new painting supplies by adding our Ultimate Shimmer Craft Acrylic Paint & Tool Medium Art Set to your shopping cart! Create like never before with the affordable and innovative supplies featured in our New Arrivals section—we can’t wait to see what you make!

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