Get Organized with a Free School Scheduler

Get Organized with a Free School Scheduler

Since we want everyone to be able to reach their goals this year, we’ve created a handy free school scheduler template for you. Choose between a blank scheduler that you can color yourself or one that is already colored in for you. We’re sure you won’t forget a single homework assignment or after-school activity when you have this Arteza scheduler with you. Click the button on the banner to start downloading your free colored or black and white planner today!

It’s time for another year of learning, which means many of us are going back-to-school shopping and getting ready for our action-packed schedules. Keeping track of everything you need to do is crucial for the success of parents, students and teachers. Whether you’re starting elementary school, middle school, high school or even college, staying organized is key to accomplishing everything you can in a busy day. There’s only so much we can remember ourselves, so having a planner or class scheduler that you can fill in is super helpful. 

Supplies like colorful writing tools and a planner are some great items to include on your back-to-school supplies list. Here at Arteza, we have huge sets of colored pencils in every color imaginable, quick-drying gel pens in a great assortment of shades and so many other school supplies that would be perfect to keep in your backpack. You can make the process of setting up a class scheduler fun with stickers, colored pencils and pens, highlighters and more. Add a personal touch with some easy-to-draw pictures in the margins, or highlight the most important tasks in bright colors so they grab your attention. How you set up your scheduler is very personal to you, so you can organize and write in it however you like. 

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