Fun & Easy DIY Glitter Vases

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Have Fun Making a Sparkly Vase

Glitter never goes out of style. So, turn up the sparkle in your life by adding DIY glitter vases to it. There are so many things you can do with these sparkly vases. You can add a little glamour to your dinner table with a glittery centerpiece. Or, give your birthday and holiday parties a little extra twinkle. Weddings deserve the brilliance these dazzling vases bring. And, what better way to upcycle old bottles or glass containers than giving them new life with glitter.

When you see how easy it is after watching the video and reading our step-by-step guide, you’ll want to start glittering vases immediately!

Get Prepared

Glitter has a tendency to stick to almost everything it touches — skin, clothes, hair, furniture, carpet. This makes it really difficult to clean up. The best way to prevent having everything covered in glitter by the end of this project, is to protect all your surfaces before you start. Cover the surface where you’ll be working with a table cloth or pieces of paper. On top of that, for extra protection and to keep it confined to a definite space, put down a mat, such as a quilter’s cutting mat. The hard surface of the mat makes it easier to brush it into a pile to pick it up or to wipe it up.

Because of the moisture in skin, glitter sticks especially well to hands, fingers, and wrists. Wear gloves to prevent this from happening.

For this project, we recommend using Arteza Glitter Shaker Jars. They are extra-fine, non-toxic, easy to pour, and come in a vast array of hues.

List of Supplies

Steps to Make the Glitter Vase

Step 1. Mix the glitter.

In an empty cup add pink, blue, and violet glitter together. The wooden handle of the small paintbrush is perfect for getting it thoroughly mixed together. Keep adding pink, blue and violet until you get the color you desire.

Add the silver and white glitter to the other cup. Mix it well with the brush handle, putting more of each color until the desired hue is achieved.

Step 2. Application

Paint the body of the bottle with an even layer of glue. Use the small brush to make smooth, even, vertical strokes.

Pour a generous portion of purple mix over the top ¾ of the bottle. You should be pouring enough until it is heaped on the jar and most of it falls off once the jar is upright. You will know you have good coverage when you cannot see any glue peeking through the glitter. If you do see spots of glue, just keep adding more glitter to those spots.

Once you have a good layer over the entire bottle, lightly tap the foam brush all over the bottle’s surface. This will push the glitter deeper into the glue for a stronger bond while also making the layer consistently level.

Use the large brush to clean any excess from the bottom of the bottle.

Now, add more glue to the area along the bottom of the bottle without glitter. Once again, don’t hold back on the amount you use as you pour the silver mix thoroughly over this area. Tap this area with the foam brush as well and finish with the large brush to make this layer smooth and even.

Wait for about an hour for this first layer to dry.

Step 3 - Add another layer.

In this step you will be repeating the same process as you did in Step 2. This time you will be putting the glue right on top of the first layer of glitter. Even though the first layer is dry, use a light touch as you paint straight, vertical strokes until each area is completely covered in glue.

Apply the glue over the purple area first. Pour another generous amount of purple mix over the initial layer. Remember, don’t skimp on the glitter — the more the better.

Reinforce this second layer with the foam brush as you did in the first step. Use the large brush to clean any excess from the bottom of the bottle.

Paint the glue over the silver part next. Note how the artist paints the glue in a wavy line before applying the second layer of silver mix to add flair to her design. Tap this layer with the foam brush.

Let this second layer dry for about an hour.

Step 4 - Add gold glitter dots.

Fill the plastic syringe with a little of the glue. Place dots of glue randomly on the purple section of the bottle. If you don’t have a syringe, you can use a small brush to add the dots.

TIP: If you add too much glue and make a dot that’s too large, simply wipe the glue off with the small paintbrush and fill in the area with more glitter of the same color.

Sprinkle the gold glitter over each dot, making sure you use plenty. Brush off the excess. Let dry.

Step 5 - Lock in the glitter.

After your bottle is completely dry, use an acrylic sealant spray to lock the glitter in place. Spray the bottle in a well-ventilated area or outside. Hold the can about 12 inches away from the bottle and spray in broad strokes to prevent drips.

After the bottle is completely dry, it’s ready to use.

When you see how easy it is after reading our step-by-step guide and watching the video, you’ll want to start glittering vases immediately!


  • It is not advisable to put these vases in the dishwasher. To clean off the outside of your vase, gently wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Glitter crafts are not recommended for children under 3 years of age.
  • To remove glitter
    - From skin, use hand lotion. Rub the lotion on the areas with glitter and then wash thoroughly with soap and water.
    - From table or countertops, use playdough. Take a bit of playdough and roll it into a ball. Roll the ball over the glitter and it will pick it right up.
    - From clothes, use tape. Rub the sticky side of a strip of tape on the glitter and it will take it off.
    - From your hair, use olive oil. Put olive oil on your hands and run it through your hair wherever there is glitter. Shampoo your hair to get the oil and the glitter out.

Congratulations! You’ve created your first sparkly vase. We hope you enjoyed the video and we know that after filling your vase with your favorite bouquet of flowers, you’ll be inspired to make more.

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