Get Started with Embroidery

Get Started with Embroidery

Have you seen intricate, stunning embroidery and want to create your own work of embroidered art? Look no further than this guide which will tell you how to get started and provide you a one stop shop for all of your embroidery needs!  

Embroidery Hoop

One of the most important items you’ll need is an embroidery hoop. This handy tool ensures your fabric stays in place with the perfect tension to create your stitches. 



Our Embroidery hoops set features 8 bamboo hoops in 3 different sizes for a variety of creative projects. The fabric you create on is also incredibly important, which is why we’ve included four 14 count aida cloth (12" x 12") and four 14 count aida cloth (8" x 8".) The cloth included is white and has no print, so all you need to bring is your imagination! If you decide to hang your finished work, this set also includes 9.8 ft of jute cord to do so. 

This set is designed to be perfect for experienced crafters and beginners alike. If this is your first time embroidering, it's helpful to keep in mind to place the top screw at "2 o'clock" if left-handed and "10 o'clock" if right-handed. This will allow for more comfort while working on your project. It’s also important to note that if you are not framing your artwork in the hoop, then to remove the fabric after each session, otherwise the fabric could develop permanent wrinkles. 


Embroidery Needles and Accessories

An assortment of needles is always helpful to have when embroidering, as different types have specific purposes.  All needles have an eye (where the thread goes) and a pointed tip (which can be sharp or blunt.) Embroidery needles have a sharp point and long, oval eye, so you can use multiple threads of embroidery floss if needed. Tapestry needles have a blunt tip and larger eye, perfect for needlepoint and cross stitching.  



Our Embroidery Accessories set includes both embroidery and tapestry needles, as well as any other accessory you need for creative success. You’ll get a seam ripper, a pin cushion, a needle threader, a thimble, a pair of iridescent scissors with a sheath, and more. The included storage bag makes storing and organizing your supplies easy and ensures traveling with your kit is a breeze. 

Embroidery Floss

Of course, you’ll also need the perfect embroidery floss for your design! Many embroidery flosses feature 6 loosely twisted strands of thread (including ours).  You can use the strands of floss all together in your stitches, or separate the strands off from each other depending on your desired effect, or if a pattern calls for it. 



For our Embroidery Floss, each skein is made of 100% premium mercerized cotton. This means an additional process has been added to the cotton, which results in numerous advantages such as; added sheen, more vivid colors, and stronger fabric overall. These benefits mean your finished craft will stand the test of time, and the colors will remain vibrant for years to come. 

We also have multiple assortments of color for your next project!  Use them alone, or pair with another assortment for even more fabric crafts.  Choose from: 

If you’re ready to dive in and need the ultimate embroidery floss set, we also have a 144 piece set which includes solid colors, neon colors, and variegated  colors. 

We hope this guide was helpful for your newfound embroidery hobby, happy crafting!

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