11 Fun & Easy Hand-Art Activities for Kids

11 Fun & Easy Hand-Art Activities for Kids

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Handy Drawing Ideas

Right now, the kids may have a little too much time on their hands, so there’s never been a better time to stretch their imagination. And, speaking of hands, for the projects we’ve got in store, they’re all the kids need (and a few pencils and some paper) to get started! Although they may have used their hands as a guide for the occasional Thanksgiving Day turkey drawing, they’ll see that the hand makes a pretty convenient template for a ton of cool drawings. Once they get started, we know they’re not going to want to stop and will probably start having some ideas of their own to try!

For these art projects for kids, we recommend watching the videos that accompany each idea first. We think this helps make the directions easier to understand and follow.

Hand Art for Kids

List of Supplies

Adorable Dog Drawing

  1. Position the palm facing up with index finger bent and mark around the hand.
  2. Put a line on the open end to close the form.
  3. The thumb becomes the ears. Add fur, eyes, and a nose.
  4. Give him a smile and details to his fur.
  5. Use different shades of yellow to color in the dog.
  6. Use red for the cheeks.
  7. Use brown to add shadows.

Girl with Flying Hair

  1. Mark out your hand with it firmly palm-side down, fingers pressed tightly, the thumb pointed down.
  2. Link the open area with a line and use the upper left corner to draw a nose. Then, add a closed eyelid, an eyebrow above it, and the lips below.
  3. Draw the outline of her curly hair, an ear, the detail inside the ear, and a hoop earring.
  4. Next, draw the beads of a necklace around her neck.
  5. Color in the face with a skin tone and pink for the lips and cheek.
  6. Add texture to the hair with wavy lines.
  7. Give her jewelry a pop of color.

Smiling Goose Drawing

  1. Turn the pad sideways and trace the hand, with fingers together and thumb pointing downward.
  2. Close the gap with a straight line.
  3. Rotate the pad so that the fingers are pointed down.
  4. Draw a curved line from the top of the base of the thumb to the bottom. Now the thumb becomes the duck’s bill!
  5. Draw an eye, the pupil of the eye, an eyebrow, and the mouth.
  6. Place alternating rows of wavy lines on the neck for the feathers.
  7. Use yellow to color the beak and orange for a cheek.
  8. With short strokes that will be its feathers, fill in most of the body with gray.

Short-Haired Woman

  1. With the palm side down, the fingers bent inwards, and the thumb pressed against the hand, outline around your hand.
  2. Starting on the left side, begin with a curved line for the ear and then carry the line across to the right side, creating a curvy hairline.
  3. Draw the eyebrows and nose in the middle of the picture.
  4. Draw closed eyes with eyelashes under the eyebrows.
  5. Add the lips.
  6. Use dark pink to color the lips.
  7. Illustrate the hair with squiggly dark blue lines. Fill it in with light blue.
  8. Add rosy red cheeks.

Octopus Drawing

  1. Turn the paper sideways.
  2. Trace around your hand with the fingers spread.
  3. Rotate the paper so the fingers (its legs) are pointed down.
  4. Add eyes and a mouth.
  5. For the suckers, draw small circles along one side of each of its legs.
  6. Use a violet pencil to color the legs and body.
  7. Add pink at the top and blue to the bottom, layering to create a gradient.

Cartoon Chick

  1. Press your hand, with fingers and thumb together, on the paper.
  2. Close the opening with a curved line.
  3. Put a triangle on the side of the drawing underneath where the thumb was for his little beak.
  4. Draw a line through the triangle and a little way onto the body for his mouth.
  5. Add an eye with a pupil and an eyebrow.
  6. Place some random dots along the bottom half for feathers.
  7. Color the chicken’s body in yellow and the feathers on its head in red. As you overlap these two colors, you’ll get orange!
  8. Color the beak light brown and use peach for the cheek.

Friendly Bull Drawing

  1. Trace the hand with three fingers pressed together and the thumb and index finger extended. Close the open space with a straight line.
  2. Start drawing a curving line for the nose at the top of the first bump on the right, going up, and joining the outline at the midpoint of the second bump. This is the bull’s nose.
  3. Place the eyes above the nose, adding the pupils. Add dots above the nose for texture.
  4. Add a long line under the nose for the mouth.
  5. Starting at the top of the third bump, start scribbling in the bull’s hair, carrying it all the way down to the base of the thumb’s outline.
  6. Your thumb’s silhouette will be one of the horns, so add some curved lines inside it.
  7. Do the same with the outline of the index finger, which will be the other horn.
  8. Draw some leaves of grass coming from the mouth.
  9. Add a collar with a bell.
  10. Give the bull an ear, and don’t forget some fuzzy hair inside it.
  11. Use different shades of brown to color the bull.
  12. Color the bell in yellow and the collar in red.
  13. Use gray for the horns.
  14. Use a black marker to fill in the nose.
  15. Color the leaves he’s munching green.

Singing Alpaca Art

  1. With its palm facing you, trace your hand with all fingers pressed together except for the little finger. Close the gap with a line.
  2. Start underneath the first finger bump and draw a curved line to where the second and third bumps connect. This is the alpaca’s nose and nostrils.
  3. The thumb’s outline is an ear, so draw a line from the center of it down to show where the ear opens. Add a fringe of hair inside the ear.
  4. Beside that ear, draw another one with the hair inside it as well.
  5. Next, add the alpaca’s bangs and mane by drawing a squiggly line down his neck.
  6. Add some dots on his neck and give him a tongue on top of the outline for your little finger, which is his neck.
  7. Add an eyelid with lashes and place dots on his muzzle.
  8. Use different shades of yellow and brown to color the alpaca.
  9. Make the tongue red and the inside of the ear pink.
  10. Add music notes.

Cartoon House

  1. Trace your hand with all the fingers tucked under except the index finger and thumb. Connect the bottom of the shape.
  2. Start by drawing a straight line down the side of the index finger and then angling it to the right, carrying it across, and connect it to the initial outline.
  3. Above that line is the roof. Add windows in that space. Don’t forget the window panes and shingles!
  4. Draw a line down the middle of the index finger to make a chimney. Add some bricks.
  5. Draw the windows on the second floor.
  6. Draw a door with steps.
  7. Add some windows on the ground floor.
  8. Add some more bricks and spiral lines for the smoke coming out of the chimney.  
  9. Put in more windows.
  10. Use red and yellow pencils for the roof of the house.
  11. Color in the house using yellow ochre.
  12. Add blue and cyan to the windows.
  13. Make the stairs and doors brown and gold.

Cute Car Loaded with Presents

  1. Trace the hand with the thumb parallel to the bottom of the paper and the fingers tightly together and tucked.
  2. Finish the shape with a slightly curved line across the opening.
  3. Draw the wheels by using circles, one for the front tire, the other for the back one.
  4. Separate the top of the car by drawing a line across the base of the fingers.
  5. Now, add all the details: windows, doors, headlights, door handles, and steering wheel.
  6. Divide the upper part into rectangles.
  7. Where each finger was, place a line to the rectangles. This will make it look like there are even more packages.
  8. Then draw lines over everything to look like the ropes are tying the load to the top of the car.
  9. Start adding color and details! Use red and some shades of yellow to color the car.
  10. Color the boxes with different bright colors that you like.
  11. Use a dark pencil to draw a ribbon on each box.

Perky Peacock Artwork

  1. Outline your hand with fingers a little apart and facing upwards. Close the shape with a curved line.
  2. Beginning at the base of the thumb, place a curved line across the palm to the other side. This is the peacock’s neck and body. Add a few more curved lines to show where its wings are.
  3. Add a triangular beak, an eye, and a crest of feathers on the head.
  4. Using curvy lines, make the feathers on the neck and wings. Draw the peacock’s feet.
  5. Watch how the artist in the video adds slanted lines to separate the feathers on the peacock’s tail.
  6. Place a teardrop shape at the end of each feather.
  7. Start coloring the tail with bright green.
  8. Add a blue shade to the tail, the peacock’s body, and his crest.
  9. Add yellow for brightness and brown for the wing.
  10. Use bright purple to color the peacock’s tail and head.
  11. Add bright pink to color the teardrops, or eyes, on the tail.

How much fun were these? Did it make you see your hands differently? Did it make you start thinking of more things you can make? We hope so! You don’t have to have a lot of supplies for creative art. All you really need is your imagination! Tell us about your hand-art adventures and if you have some more ideas, we’d love to hear them!


We’re so happy you enjoyed this post! We’ll be sure to keep them coming!


Hey there! We’re so happy that you found this post easy and enjoyable. Please stay tuned for future tutorials.


This was easy so I enjoyed it


We’re so happy that you enjoyed the different ideas we shared!


I LOVE these. I am going to make them myself……and I am over ….. the hill !!!!!

Annie Lou

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