Halloween Face Painting: How to Create a Skeleton Make Up Step by Step

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Getting Started!

Arteza UV Face Paints are water-based and will need to be activated before you start painting. Add some water and mix it into the pan with your brush tip. You can also use Arteza Water Brushes to add a touch of water and mix to the consistency that works best for you. We suggest a texture that’s similar to paste for crisper lines and a watery texture for blending colors together. Test out a few lines on your arm or hand to see how your consistency will act, then let’s get started.

Apply White Face Paint to Model's Face

Step-by-step Halloween Skeleton Painting

1. Apply Base Coat - White

Apply the base coat of your Skeleton Face with your fingers or a sponge. A watery consistency is good for spreading the paint thinly over large surfaces, but be cautious because adding too much water will dilute the saturation of the color and it could appear very sheer once the paint has dried on the skin.

Apply Yellow and Orange Face Paint to Model's face around eyes and on cheek

2. Apply Accent Color Around Eyes

Add the lighter accent color first, then layer the second color over the top with your sponge. These accent colors are supposed to be thick, bold lines to emphasize the darker makeup we will be adding on top. In this video, we used yellow as the bottom color and orange as the top color, but you can choose any complementary colors you like.

Add Black Face Paint Details over eyes, under cheekbone, and over lips.

3. Add Black Details

Add black designs over the eyes. The little circles help give the design a personal touch for you to add your own flare. The dark line on the cheek should follow under the cheekbone and create a sunken jaw effect. Remember, the black does not react to the UV light, so this is a chance to add some shadows and sections that won’t appear when your face glows!

Use sponge to apply yellow and orange face paint to neck and chest area

4. Add Nose and Color Forehead and Neck

Paint the tip and part of the bridge of your nose black, then add in your third and top color to your design. We used pink to blend the colors along the hairline and to accent the painted teeth. We used the sponge to transform this from a face paint into a body paint design. Start by applying yellow to your neck and chest area then blend in some orange. To highlight the head, add a line of orange (or whichever is not the color on your neck) along the jaw

Shadow and produce web design along neck with black face paint and a fine tipped brush

5. Add details to Eyes and Neck

Go back to your black paint and use a brush to add more designs! Finish off the triangles and details under the eye, then paint vertical stripes around the neck. Connect the vertical lines with a curved line to make your neck look like a large spider web.

Shade neck and under jaw with black face paint

6. Shade and Detail the Neck

Add black strokes coming down the neck from the jaw, then fade your strokes into the neck color. Use bold, dark strokes along the jaw. Make sure the edge of the black area still has some UV paint underneath for an awesome UV shadow effect. Add green dots to the points of the collar and outline them with black.

Add details like skull cracks along hairline for add personal touches

7. Add Personal Details Like Skull Cracks!

This is the moment to let your inner creativity shine. Add in some details by making thick lines in one of your accent colors and then draw some black details over them. You can also go over all the black lines you drew earlier and make sure they’re outlined with UV paint - like the nose detail.

Coloring hair pink with Arteza Hair Chalk Combs

8. Make Your Costume Complete with Hair Chalk Combs!

Use Arteza Art Chalk Combs to tint your hair and complete your Halloween costume! This is a fun way to add color to your hair temporarily then wash it away the next day.

Completed Skull-Clown face paint in UV black light effects.
Now You're Ready to Party!

These face and body paints are lightweight and dry with a soft, non-transferable matte finish. This means you won’t be wearing greasy oil paint that will make you sweat all night, and if you brush your hand over the paint, it won’t smudge or come off.

IIt’s time to go out and turn some heads! Whether you’re trick or treating, going to a Halloween party, or simply enjoying some spooky fun at home, this is an awesome costume that will make you stand out. There are so many ways to adjust or add to this design so you can express your own style, or you can try one of our other Face Paint Tutorials. Arteza’s UV Paints are sure to add some extra spook to your costume this year and make sure all eyes are on you! 

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