How To Create Your Own New Years Photo Props Using Arteza Felt and Glitter

How To Create Your Own New Years Photo Props Using Arteza Felt and Glitter

Bring more dazzle to your New Year’s Eve celebration with DIY selfie props! Whether you’re staying at home with friends or family or hitting the town, you’ll be glad you brought along your own selfie props, made with Arteza’s felt sheets and glitter. Ensure you’re ready for any and every photo opportunity this New Year by crafting your own photo props—start by printing out our template sheet and grabbing the supplies you’ll need:

List of Supplies:

Step 1

Start off by preparing your station and template sheets. If you haven’t already, take the time to print out your template sheets. Next, carefully cut your template sheets with a pair of scissors, or even a hobby knife (if you prefer). Be sure not to rush through cutting your templates as these sheets will become incredibly resourceful to you for the next steps. Before moving onto the next step, ensure you have all of the crafting supplies you need nearby including: all of your felt sheets, glue, glitter, pom poms, wood skewers, and a colored pencil. Once you feel you’re ready to go, meet us at the next step! 

Fun Fact: The first ever Times Square New Year’s party was thrown for a newspaper. The first party was in 1904, however there wasn’t a ball drop until 1907. Additionally, Waterford designs a new ball pattern every year! 

Step 2

Next, carefully outline your templates on your felt fabric sheets. You can follow along in the video with which templates to use for each colored felt fabric sheet, or you can always follow your heart and choose which color felt fabric sheets you’d like to use for each template. Again, do not rush through this step, as it is essential in setting you up for success for the next steps. If you’re following our video to a T, you’re going to want to draw the champagne glass, antlers, and mustache template on your black felt sheet. Your light pink felt sheet will host your party hat and lips template, whereas your gold (white reversed) felt sheet will host your other party hat. 

Fun Fact: 2,000 pounds of confetti are dropped in Times Square to fall over the crowd at midnight each New Years.  

Step 3

Time to cut out our photo prop shapes! Use your scissors to carefully cut out each shape from your felt sheets. You can always use the scraps for other DIY projects down the road. When you cut your gold/white party hat, cut the hat down into diagonal lines to craft a design onto the pink party hat prop. Place each strip of the cut up party hat design onto the pink party hat to establish a fun pattern. Once you feel confident in your party hat design, use your glue bottle to adhere the felt fabric pieces. 

Step 4

Time to add pizzazz to your props! On your antler prop, add glue to the antlers, leaving space to still see the black on the perimeter, then add your gold glitter right over top. Shake off the excess glitter on a piece of paper, then save that glitter for later by adding it back to your shaker. If you feel called to, use a palette knife to scrape off any excess glitter from your prop; however, wait for the glue to dry first so you don’t accidentally bump it. Then, add more glue to the headband part of the antler prop to then cover with silver glitter. After that, add and glue down little antler ears using the pink fabric felt sheet pieces. 

Step 5

Follow the same instructions from the last step to add dazzling details to your champagne glass prop, lips, and mustache prop. Watch our How To video to see exactly how we’ve added sparkling touches to these DIY photo props. Once the glue from your photo props has fully dried, meet us at the final step! 

Fun Fact: Spanish tradition promotes eating 12 grapes in the first 12 seconds of the new year.  

Step 6 

Let’s make these felt fabric pieces into usable photo props—start by cutting out extra felt pieces to use to adhere your felt pieces to their skewer. Line up each skewer, making sure it’s completely straight, then glue the skewer to the felt fabric prop using a small piece of felt sheet to lock it in place. If you don’t wait until your prop pieces glue is fully dried you risk messing the design up, which is why we highly recommend waiting until your props are completely dry to add the prop sticks. 

Tip: When gluing the mustache, lips, antlers, and party hat prop to put the skewer on the right or left side of it, not directly in the middle. The only prop where the skewer should be right down the middle is the champagne glass prop. 

Thanks for joining us in making these unique New Years' themed DIY photo props! We hope you and your loved ones have a blast taking countless photos with your photo props while you ring in the new year. Up your New Year's Eve selfie game with these cute props! Let us know in the comments section of this article which photo prop your friends posed with the most. 

Happy New Year, wishing you a super creative start to 2022!

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