How to Draw a Shark in 6 Steps

How to Draw a Shark in 6 Steps

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Draw Lifelike Sharks

How to draw a shark? Sharks are some of the most fascinating creatures in the sea. Their beauty is only matched by their stealth and artists have been trying to capture the mystery of these animals for generations. Summer seems like a fitting season to find out how to draw a shark, so our artist has created this mini-tutorial on shark drawing. So follow these, take your time, and learn to draw a realistic shark. 

Shark Art Made Easy

The artist who illustrated this step-by-step guide used an HB pencil for the light initial sketch and the darker lines, and EverBlend markers for adding colors and highlights. 

How to Draw a Shark - Step 1

Step 1

First, make a shape that looks like an archery bow or the letter “D.” Then, draw a crescent moon inside. This creates the outline of the shark.

How to Draw a Shark - Step 2

Step 2

Outline the head and nose in the top left corner of the crescent moon. Next, put a centerline along the whole body. Using this line as a guide, place large and small triangles to form a pair of side and tail fins.

How to Draw a Shark - Step 3

Step 3

Next, it’s time to give this guy a mouth. Once again, use the middle line to separate the top of the mouth from the bottom. The eye is a circle. Draw some small fins on the lower part of the body. Don’t forget about that scary dorsal fin!

How to Draw a Shark - Step 4

Step 4

Now it’s time to add the details to make the shark come alive! A shark has rows of sharp teeth, so make tiny triangles in his mouth for these. His body is also very smooth. To achieve this, make a continuous outline on the body to make it more streamlined.

How to Draw a Shark - Step 5

Step 5

Erase all excess construction lines.

How to Draw a Shark - Step 6

Step 6

Color in the body using EverBlend markers.

You’ve done it! You’ve drawn a shark that looks real enough to scare everyone out of the water!


  • Instead of trying to draw the shark as you see it, start by drawing basic shapes. It’s easier to go from simple geometric shapes and refine these as you work on the drawing.
  • Once you begin adding in more detail, draw from the general to the specific. Here the artist started with the placement of the fins before adding the teeth.
  • Use an HB medium soft pencil to make your drawing pop out! All excess lines will be erased without leaving any marks.

Once you practice drawing this shark, you’ll be ready to capture more movements of this magnificent fish in the future. A great way to see sharks up close is to visit an aquarium. One day you may visit one, so be sure to take your sketchbook and pencils to make some preliminary drawings. You can always check out images online for references. There are also loads of videos and films you can stream to watch sharks in action! We hope this guide inspires you to give shark drawing a try and we’d love to hear from you about it!

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