Trending Now: Visit The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory and Get Inspired to Create Art

Trending Now: Visit The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory and Get Inspired to Create Art

With summer in full swing, now is the best time of the year to enjoy visits to a garden. Flowers are in bloom, colors pop, butterflies dance around, and floral scents envelop you. We head to one of the most beautiful gardens in the Florida Keys. From the moment you enter The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory, you’ll feel inspired by the hot pink flamingos, bright multi-colored butterflies and gloriously feathered birds. Here are several of the animals and insects you’ll find at the conservatory that will set your creativity in motion:

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  • The garden boasts a couple of celebrities for those who are fans of “Gone with the Wind.” Meet Rhett and Scarlett, two of the flamingo stars you’ll meet amongst the tropical surroundings of the garden. From 4:30pm to 5:45pm every day, a maximum of six guests can “flamingle” with this famous couple. And if you’re looking to draw your own flamingo version of Rhett and Scarlett, or your version of a flamingo, look no further than these professional colored pencils. The wax-based core will smooth out transition lines, plus each pencil is made to sharpen easily and work beautifully with each drawing session. 

Credit: Unsplash

  • Appreciating live, constantly fluttering butterflies in nature can be a dizzying experience, but not in the garden. Within the tropical canopy, you’ll find many varieties of butterflies in all stages of life, from pupa to fully grown insect with wondrously hued wings. Create your own lush, beautiful wings with Real Brush Pens. No water cup needed since these pens blend like watercolors without the mess. Revel in the freedom allowed in sketching your designs onto watercolor paper and blending with just a touch of water.

Credit: Unsplash

  • Have you ever wanted to get married among the butterflies? Well in this special garden, you can! The garden’s ceremonies take place after 5pm when the Conservatory is closed to the public. The Learning Center can be transformed into a reception area complete with a buffet and beverages. To plan your own special ceremony or to ponder the romantic scene of love among the butterflies, try Iridescent Acrylic Paint. Choose from 10 lustrous colors to capture that perfect shade of moonlight. Your portrait will have an instantly luminescent, shimmery effect that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Credit: Unsplash

  • Speaking of moonlight, guests of the conservatory can schedule twilight tours. Guests can watch butterflies do their “bedtime dances” as well as hear the birds singing an evening tune. You’ll learn so much about butterflies and birds. Why not try your hand at sculpting these nighttime fauna with Polymer Clay. Choose from 42 brilliant colors that remain just as bright when you bake them. Create new swirls and shades, only your imagination is the limit when it comes to this versatile medium. 

Credit: Unsplash

  • While the animals and insects are the main attraction at the Conservatory, the actual plants, trees and babbling ponds are the frame that holds this picture together. You’ll find instant inspiration for creating your own nature-filled drawings in the striking green hues of the leaves and plethora of colorful flowers. Try EverBlend Art Markers, a set of 60 highly-pigmented markers for drawing, coloring, designing, sketching and hand-lettering. If you’re looking to blend your colors, the Clear Blender Marker is included and will help you create new colors and soften deeper shades.

Plan your visit to the Key West Butterfly Conservatory today. For more information, visit their website. Location: 1316 Duval Street, Key West, Florida 33040. (305) 296-2988.

After reading about the Key West Butterfly Conservatory are you inspired to create more nature related art? Make sure to shop the suggested set below for your creation.

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