3 Cute Mother’s Day Card Ideas You Will Enjoy

3 Cute Mother’s Day Card Ideas You Will Enjoy

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Kid’s Crafty Mother’s Day Card

Kids love to do craft projects and there’s no better time than Mother’s Day to unleash their creativity! After all, what Mom doesn’t want something made especially for her by her little one? Making Mom or Gramma a DIY card is an easy at-home art project that even the youngest child can do. That’s why we’ve come up with three mothers day card ideas that we think your child will really enjoy.

To make things extra easy, there’s a supply list, written instructions, and a video with one of the youngest members of the Arteza team demonstrating how to make a cute mother day card.

So cover the kitchen table, bring on the paints, and let’s get busy!

Easy-To-Make Mother’s Day Cards

Dotted Fingerprint Card

List of Supplies

Step 1. Fold a sheet from the watercolor pad in half, making a strong crease in the paper. Open it up so that it lays flat on the table. 

Step 2. On the right side of the crease, make a light sketch of a heart in the center. Now write, very lightly, the words “Best Mom Ever” inside the heart. 

Step 3. Now for the fun part! Using the Metallic Pink paint, dip your finger into the pot and then onto the card to make dots. Keep doing this all over both sides of the card. Next, do the same with the Metallic Lavender, then the Sapphire Blue, and last the Gold. As you place your dots, make sure not to put any on the inside of the heart. When you’ve decided you have as many dots as you want, let them dry completely before going to the next step.

Step 4. Using the dark pink and blue glitter gel pens, go over the pencil lines of the heart and the words. You can make your outline brighter by going over the lines multiple times.  

Step 5. Fold the card shut and there you have it! Write a special message inside and it’s ready to give. 

Mom & Me Cloud Card

List of Supplies

  1. Stiff Felt Sheets: Light Pink, Dark Pink, Light Blue, Yellow
  2. School Glue
  3. Glitter Gel Pens: Black, Blue
  4. Watercolor Pad

Step 1. Fold a sheet of watercolor paper in half and press along the fold line for a strong crease. Turn the card so that the fold is at the top.  

Step 2. Cut the large cloud shape and two small ovals from the light pink felt. Glue the cloud to the upper left side of the card using the school glue. 

Step 3.  Cut a small cloud shape from the light blue felt. Now, glue it beside the pink cloud, overlapping it slightly.

Step 4. Glue the ovals you cut out earlier on the blue cloud for its cheeks.

Step 5. Now make the mamma cloud’s cheeks by cutting two little ovals from the dark pink felt Glue those on.

Step 6. Cut out 5 little stars, 1 medium size, and 1 larger star from the yellow felt. Glue the stars around the clouds.

Step 7. With the black glitter gel pen draw the eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, and mouths for both clouds.

Step 8. Use the blue glitter gel pen to write “BEST MOM EVER!” at the bottom. You can freehand this or trace over letters you penciled in earlier.  

All done! Don’t forget to write something special inside!

Pop-Up Unicorn Postcard

List of Supplies

  1. EverBlend Art Markers: Lime Green A5948, Sunflower Yellow A944, Pumpkin Orange A9423, Rose Red A410, Fuchsia A486, Violet A881
  2. Self-adhesive Vinyl: Bubblegum Pink
  3. Felt Fabric: Pink, Yellow
  4. Kids Tempera Paint: Ice Glow, Sky Blue A407, Banana Yellow A408, Neon Green A503
  5. School Glue 
  6. Watercolor Pad 

Step 1. Fold a sheet from the watercolor pad in half. 

Step 2. Squeeze some Icy Glow, Sky Blue, Banana Yellow, and Neon Green paint onto a palette.

Step 3. Dip a finger into one of the colors and dab it on the card to make a dot. Do this with all the colors, placing your dots in the shape of a heart. Let the paint dry completely before going to the next step. 

Step 4. Write “BEST MOM EVER!” above the heart with the Fuchsia EverBlend marker.

Step 5. Cut out the shape of a unicorn’s head and two legs from the light pink felt (use the shapes in the video as a guide). 

Step 6. Open the card and in the center lightly draw a circle for the unicorn’s body. 

Step 7. Next, glue the head on the top left side of the circle. Glue one leg on the circle’s bottom left side and the other on the bottom right side. 

Step 8. It’s time to give this guy a mane and tail! Draw the outline of each and fill in with Lime Green, Sunflower Yellow, Pumpkin Orange, Rose Red, Fuchsia, and Violet markers.

Step 9. Now, cut out six circles from the Bubblegum Pink self-adhesive vinyl that are the same size as the one in the center of the card. Take each sticker and fold it in half and then stick them together as you go. You will end up with a “ball” with a sticky back that you then attach to the middle of the card. Your unicorn now has a 3D body.
How cool is that!

Step 10. Don’t forget every unicorn has a magical horn. Use the self-adhesive vinyl to create one and glue it on. 

Step 11. Cut some stars from the yellow felt and glue them on. 

Yay! Your card is finished and ready to surprise Mom when she opens it!

Useful Recommendations

  • You can use a cutting machine to help you make all your shapes. If you don’t have one, simply cut them out with scissors.
  • Look for pretty fonts on the internet that you can download and trace.
  • To make your card super special, tie a ribbon around it before giving it to Mom.

Receiving a handmade card instead of a store-bought one always means so much more. By helping your kids create their own Mother’s Day cards you’re reinforcing the importance of being creative. They’ll also feel good knowing that what they’ve made is being treasured by someone they love.

Here at Arteza, we wish you the happiest Mother’s Day!

Watch as our young Arteza artist shows you how to make these cards.

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