Share Your Amazing Mom at #MyCreativeMom

Share Your Amazing Mom at #MyCreativeMom

Share Mom’s Creativity—#MyCreativeMom

Mom—there’s no one else like her in the world. She’s always been a creative force in your life. Maybe you have childhood memories of when she stepped in to help you with your science fair project. How about when she made the perfect Dracula cape that helped you win the Halloween costume contest? Your mother was probably your first example of how to be creative. And, whether she painted beautiful pictures, baked delicious cakes, or stylishly decorated your home, she was sharing her creativity with you all the time, which is why you’re creating now. It’s time to show how awesome your mother really is, so why not give her the shout out she deserves this Mother’s Day? We’ve created a very important hashtag so you can do just that—#MyCreativeMom.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Share a photo, video, or artwork about your mom as a way to celebrate her, thank her, and remind her how important her creativity means to you
  • Add your own love messages to her
  • Post your piece on your favorite social media using #MyCreativeMom
  • Your posts will be shared on Arteza’s Instagram stories daily.
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We want everyone to go on their favorite social media platform and share a photo, video, or artwork about their mom as a way to celebrate her, thank her, and remind her how important her creativity means to you and all the others she touches every day. While you’re posting, make sure to include the hashtag #MyCreativeMom.

You can add your own love messages for her or include a family photo. We want to see #MyCreativeMom overflow with family pictures, best wishes, and greetings. Together, we’ll make this the best day ever for the most important woman in your life!

Join us in showing our Mom-pride and telling yours “I love you” by using #MyCreativeMom on all your social media accounts from May 7 to May 11!

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