October Artist Interview — Kelly Edelman

Meet Kelly Edelman, a professional artist and art therapist who enjoys using the Arteza Oil Paint Set to create her expressive portraits. Kelly was passionate about art growing up but didn’t pursue it professionally until after she discovered a community of artists online and began sharing her work. Kelly draws her inspiration from color, travel, and nature. Her advice to those just starting out, “If you practice art every day and love what you do, you will find your own style in no time. Just never give up!” Read more to learn about Kelly and her journey as an artist.

- Hi, Kelly! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I am an artist, and also practice art therapy with children in my community. I enjoy traveling and painting using a variety of mediums. I draw much of my inspiration from music, nature, and visiting new cities around the country!

- What is your main media and why?

I have always had a passion for oil paint and recently began to explore illustration markers. I like any medium that blends smoothly and offers bold colors. I mainly create artwork using illustration markers because they allow me to finish quickly. Other times I enjoy to using watercolor or acrylic, it really just depends on my mood.

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- How long ago did you start painting? Do you have a story behind it?

I began painting in high school and was always drawing as a child. I was passionate about art growing up, however, lacked the confidence to pursue it in college. I stopped making artwork for several years and didn’t pick it back up until the summer of 2017 when I opened @eyeinspired on Instagram. Once I found a platform to share my artwork with others, I was painting every day. I loved that I was able to connect with people through the creative process and now paint every chance I get!

- How did you find your own style?

I found my artistic style through the daily repetition of my personal creative process. By focusing much of my creative energy on learning portraiture, I was able to master those painting techniques more quickly. Once I mastered the techniques, I began to create my own, and from that, I developed my own personal style.

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- Where does your inspiration come from?

I draw a lot of inspiration from color, travel, and nature. I love to visit new cities and incorporate the people I see into my artwork. I also love to listen to music while I create, it is a must!

- Are there any interesting facts about your art? Why do you prefer to draw portraits?

I love expressive portraiture because each face is totally unique. Each portrait I create tells an individual story through color and expression. I guess I just fell in love with that!


- What do you find the most challenging about the creative process?

I find it most challenging to get started on new artwork. Sometimes just getting the pencil moving is the hardest step!

- What advice can you give to artists who are in an art-style search process? For beginner artists?

Dedication and consistency will always produce results. If you practice art every day and love what you do, you will find your own style in no time. Just never give up!

- Tell us a little secret about how to draw better.

Draw something that makes you feel good when you look at it. It doesn’t matter if it's nature, animals, or people if your mood is improving while making the artwork, the artwork will most likely be improving too!

- How often do you use Arteza?

Every single week! I love to create using a variety of media and Arteza offers everything I need from oil paints to illustration markers! I can always count on Arteza to provide me with quality materials to create with!

Favorite Arteza product and why?

My favorite product is the Arteza Oil Paint Set. I love how creamy these paints are and how well they blend on the canvas! The colors in this set are so bold and also come in gold and silver, which is why this set is my favorite!

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