September Artist Interview - Erick Centeno Oblitas

Meet Erick Centeno Oblitas, a professional artist who enjoys using Arteza fineliners and EverBlend Art Markers to create his unique pen-stroke drawings. Erik’s passion for art began at an early age when his artist father made drawings for Erik to recreate. But, it was his move to Italy as an adult that transformed his life and his art. Today, he is best known for his realistic drawings of people using his “scribble” technique. Read more to learn about Erik and his journey as an artist.

- Hi, Eric. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am Erick Centeno Oblitas. I was born in Peru, but now I live in Genoa, Italy. My main instruments are pens and paper. I like to create and reproduce facial and body expressions. The scribble technique helps me to transmit what I have in mind.

- What is your main media and why?

Initially, I used pencil and paper to realize realistic portraits. As my technique evolves, I have started to try new materials, like pens, colors, and different surfaces. Now my favorite media is paper and ink pens.

I love to create sketches and give them a sense of movement. This is why I prefer a smooth paper and paper and fineliners.

- How long ago did you start painting? Do you have a story behind it?

I have been doing art since I was a child because my father is an artist. He has always been my mentor. He used to do drawings for me and taught me how to make them. They were mostly sketches and dancing figures made only with lines. Through the years it had become a hobby for me, but everything changed for me when I moved from Peru to Italy in 1999. I was devoting myself to my studies, first as a computer technician and then in business administration at the university, until I rediscovered my passion for art by recovering the drawings I did with my father. Then I began creating my own style of drawings and now art is part of my daily life.

I have become more careful about what surrounds me. I can get ideas anywhere and I have ideas constantly turning in my head, like when I’m walking on the streets or when I’m watching movies. I know I can improve my technique by finding more inspirations and perfecting my style with the practice and exploration of new forms of art.

- How would you describe your style?

My style has evolved over time. I started to make realistic drawings with pencils and then I was attracted by the scribble technique. Now, I see my work as a fusion between the traits that denote real characteristics, which then go beyond the conventional limits to form strips of movement and that somehow escape from reality.

- Are there any interesting facts about your art?

My art is constantly evolving. I feel that I live perpetually in a phase of transition. I like to think about images, faces, and ideas and how they can only be made of uncontrolled lines.

- What do you find the most challenging about the creative process?

Freedom! Freedom to be able to create anything you want. If you have a passion for something and you also have the tools to make it happen, it's done. There is no better motivation.

- How did you find your own style?

The simple need to create something different and not remain connected to conventional limits. My technique is born as a fusion of realistic portraits and uncontrolled lines that somehow tries to go beyond the limits.

- What advice can you give to artists who are in an art-style search process? For beginner artists?

I don't feel like I can give absolute advice, because I am in an early learning process too; but, I would say you have to try, practice, and make mistakes—it's the best way to improve.

- Tell us a little secret about how to draw better.

Practice. I am a self-taught artist, I do not follow particular trends or guidelines. Only you can understand and exceed your limits and you do this with a lot of practice, experimenting, and using the right references, such as things you like. Draw what you want, not what you think people like.

- How often do you use Arteza?

I use them very often. I like the fact that you can find many different products in order to create new things and above all experiment with new techniques; this is something I love.

- Favorite Arteza product and why?

My preferences change depending on the piece I have to make. Currently, I love fineliners and the EverBlend Art Markers.

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