September Superstar Products

September Superstar Products

September’s Superstar products have arrived! Whether you’re an expert of the arts, looking to switch up your routine, or just starting your artistic journey, we have a superstar product for you. From colored pencils to acrylics, this list is sure to make your September vibrant.


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When it comes to creating colorful masterpieces with acrylics, it doesn’t have to be done with a paintbrush. Produce versatile, vibrant works of art anytime, anywhere with our Acrylic Marker Set. The markers’ quick-to-dry formula allows you to create works of art on a variety of surfaces, from paper and canvas to wood and ceramics. Featuring 37 bold colors and 3 metallics, this set of 40 dual-tipped markers won’t limit your artistic opportunities. Use the rounded nib for fine lines and precise details or the chiseled end to layer thicker swatches of color. We’ve even included 40 fresh nibs to replace any that grow dull with use! Highly saturated and fade-resistant, your works of art won’t age or fade with time, so you can look back on your creations whenever you want to feel inspired.

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Layer, mix, and blend with the expansive spectrum of color in our set of 144 EverBlend Ultra Art Markers! From soft pastels to bold brights, the possibilities for your colorful creations are endless. Create anything from a large-scale landscape to an abstract design to gift to a loved one, practice calligraphy, or doodle in your journal. With both a pointed and chiseled end, you can easily go from drawing and sketching to coloring and shading with the same marker. This set also includes a clear blending tool to create seamless color gradients and blend from light to dark. Not limited to any creative spirit, this quick-drying formula is non-toxic and completely odorless. We’ve even included extra tips and a tool to easily replace any that have dulled to ensure a lasting creative experience.

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Fun, unique, quick and easy, acrylic pour painting is a popular art form and a great way to experiment with different color combinations and techniques. Our set of acrylic pour paints includes 32 60 ml pouring paints in colors like pastels, neons, and even metallics for a pop of shimmer. Strategically layer colors in a cup to create a fluid mixture, or pour colors directly on the canvas for more control Each bottle is conveniently premixed with the perfect amount of pouring solution to give your paint the movement it needs to fill your canvas. We’ve included three additional bottles of white pour paint, so even the darkest of colors can be used to create a dimensional piece of fluid art. Cruelty-free and non-toxic, this is an art form for anyone and everyone to try. Whether you’re looking to experiment with art for the first time or itching to try something different, you’re going to love the unique designs that you can create with pour paint.

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Our Professional Colored Pencils are the perfect for any experienced illustrator. In this set of 72 colored pencils, you’re offered an expansive range of shades to create any composition of color you’d like. Saturate the intricate designs in your therapeutic coloring book, add to existing artworks to create a mixed media masterpiece, or start from scratch to create a new design. Convenient storage protects the already-durable pencils, so you can take your set with you to create on the go without worrying about damage. Thanks to the labels that clearly indicate the color and its level of lightfastnestness, you’ll always know exactly which ones to use. Whether it’s layering soft colors to create dimensional highlights or filling space with opaque washes of color, you have every shade at every level of opacity you need to produce the most realistic illustrations.

Which product are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments!

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