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Tassel Wall-Hanging By Vickie Howell

Tassel Wall-Hanging By Vickie Howell

Tassel Wall-Hanging

Written By Vickie Howell for Arteza

Tassels are one of the easiest ways to use yarn to create a visually impactful home décor. Our wall-hanging is made with generously sized versions in an array of Springtime shades of Arteza worsted yarn. Make to give your space a pop of color — or even better, make several in different palettes to match every season!



100% Acrylic Yarn, Worsted, Light Colors - Mini Pack

9” wide book or piece of cardboard


24” copper pipe

11, Wooden beads 

Large-eye blunt needle

1 1/2 yd rope


STEP 1: Choose yarn colors

Pick 11 of your favorite shades of yarn

STEP 2: Make 11 Tassels

  • Wrap yarn around book or cardboard, 40 times.
  • Cut a long strand of yarn. Slip strand under the wraps and slide to the top of the “loop” created by wrapping. Tie a firm knot. Leave long strands for hanging.
  • Cut through “loops” at bottom of wraps to free the yarn from the book/board.
  • Using a separate, long strand if yarn and measuring about an 1 1/2” from top, wrap yarn around all strands for about 1/2”. Tie off.
  • Trip to make even.
  • Repeat for remaining tassels

STEP 3: Add Beads

  • Slide a wooden bead over both of hanging strands, is it sits at top of tassel. 
  • Repeat for remaining tassels.

STEP 4: Tie Tassels to Pipe

  • Tie tassels to copper pipe in an arrow formation (stair stepping them dow, 1 by one to center, and then back up.)
  • Trim ties.

STEP 5: Attach Hanging Rope

  • Feed rope through the copper pipe, pulling through until you have about 20” of visible ripe on both ends.
  • Create hanging loop by using an over-hand knot to tie two ends of rope together about 4” down from top, then again about 1” from top.

Hang and enjoy!


About Vickie Howell

Vickie is a mom of three, an award-winning broadcaster, author, designer & entrepreneur. Over a decade and a half, through various television shows, YouTube videos, online courses, conference tours, books, and her business, YarnYAY! – she’s had the privilege of teaching hundreds of thousands of stitchers new yarn-y skills. It’s her mission to empower people to lean into creativity by making DIY totally doable! Follow @vickiehowell

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