Top 35 Tracks For Painting | Music For Creativity

Top 35 Tracks For Painting | Music For Creativity

Music is emotional. Music helps us feel sound. Music often says more than words. Music unlocks creativity.

Listen and Create

Music inhabits a space where our souls live. It can help you see colors, with certain instruments reminding you of the hues that work with your specific painting. How do you convert music into colors and patterns? How do you respond to the sound to express yourself in the best possible way?

The background music you choose may vary with the type of work you are creating. Moods change like the weather and tastes differ. That’s why we’ve gathered all the tracks that inspire us to start creating. They may also nudge you to create!

Having a collection of music is inspiring both as a background for creating at home or while you’re doing remote work. Think of it as the soundtrack of your life when you’re driving around town or taking a road-trip adventure.

Look. Listen. Create.

An Artistic Playlist

1. Air Playground Love

Soothing and calming, like the tide embracing the sandy coast, is the music of this French duo from gorgeous Versailles. They’re sound is electronica, a mix of pop tunes and warm brass sounds. Think candlelight ambiance, soft and spacy notes that easily touch your heart.

2. Astrud Gilberto, João Gilberto and Stan Getz The Girl From Ipanema

It’s hard not to envision a romantic watercolor landscape at sunset when you hear this gentle tune of “The Girl from Ipanema.” It is sure to nudge you to create something stunning with a long brush blending colors and adding a vibrant transition for beautiful scenery.

3. Aphex Twin Avril 14th (Extended)

Fabulously elegant, impressive and harmonical piece. Really unexpected work made by one of the most intriguing musicians on the contemporary electronic scene—Irish DJ, Richard David James aka Aphex Twin.

4. Khruangbin Two Fish and An Elephant

A three-piece band from Texas called Khruangbin creates enchanting and ethereal music to soothe the soul. Enjoy this multicultural electronic mixture of funky, groovy, and soul sounds from all over the world.

5. Vendredi sur Mer La Femme à la Peau Bleue

This pleasantly sweet sound by an artist from Geneva, Switzerland is the very embodiment of feminine sexuality. Perfect for listening to while drawing the female form.

6. Thievery Corporation Saudade

This super romantic melody is a melange of guitar, bossa nova and lounge music by an electronic duo from Washington. It touches the strings of your soul and inspires the creation of artwork, painting, and coloring. Get ready for a bit of sadness and introspection brought on by this very sensual and lyric song.

7. blnkspc_ Quietly

Chilling vibes and cashmere loops of hip hop create a soft sound with a smooth rhythm. It may be the most neutral track for your hobbies and other activities. Endlessly mellow and perfect for pouring acrylic art .

8. Elsiane Mechanic of Emotions

Aw, Elsiane. A Canadian project with a super-relaxing downtempo sound that is endlessly beautiful and kind. A whole universe of comfy sound for your inspiration.

9. Erykah Badu On & On (Booty Fade Remix)

Erikah Badu is the real queen of atmospheric sound. As a record producer and actress that creates deep and downright charming music, her music makes you wanna sway to the beat, grab your set of paints, and start painting a masterpiece.

10. City Girl Eowyn

The unlimited calming effect makes this essential music for watercolor painting, watercolor landscapes , sketching, drafting, and completing handmade and DIY projects.

11. Swørn Gone

Chillhop electronic background music that is pure bliss for the ears. It’s both brooding and wandering.

12. L'Impératrice PARFUM THÉRÉMINE

L'Impératrice, band is originally from Paris, gives you a mix of French pop and galactic disco. Their music is pleasing to everyone’s mind and will surely spark creativity during your art sessions. An absolute love!

13. The Knife & Jay-Jay Johanson «Marble House»

A brother-and-sister duo from Stockholm gave the world a cocktail of vintage synth pop, electropop, and intelligent electronic music. This track is a good fit for dealing with craft ideas and any DIY art, aesthetic painting and implementing your brave art ideas.

14. Melody's Echo Chamber I Follow You

A french dream pop sound made of synthesizer tunes, acoustic drum, sample pads, and loops. A brilliant piece of painting music that’s lyrical and transparent like cotton candy.

15. Ian Ewing LuvnYou

A talented guy, multi-instrumentalist who makes a magical daydreaming sound. LuvnYou soothes your mind, with a sound that will add a warm background beat to your daily sketching and pencil drawings.

16. Emily Wells Fair the Well the Requiem

Fair the Well Requiem is a track produced by a wonderful musician from Texas. Each track is another dramatic story of love, mimicry, and reflection that have you plunging into the mysterious world of ideas and creativity.

17. Club Des Belugas Wearing Out My Shoes

Rhythms and voice of a very organic nujazz collective from Germany, mixing lounge, Brazillian beat, and American black soul into a whole palette of sound.

18. Tanita Tikaram Twist In My Sobriety

Another romantic song by awesome Tanita Tikaram is the very best of the late 80s. A good combination of pop, soul and jazz music. An absolute hit to boost your imagination.

19. Oliver Koletzki feat. Fran Echoes

The German sound producer, Oliver Koletzki, makes quality dance and house music. This is a track you just can’t stop playing—soft and good in all ways.

20. Mum We Have A Map of the Piano

An Icelandic group creates experimental pop music adding soft vocal, glitch beats and tons of electronic effects made from various musical instruments. The sounds remind you of a fairy tale or cartoon soundtrack.

21. Nat King Cole L.O.V.E

A widely famous jazz singer and songwriter, Nat King Cole, is really a moveable feast that will brighten up your mood. This is music proven by time.

22. Buena Vista Social Club Chan Chan

Buena Vista Social Club’s music is saturated in Cubian sunlight. An ensemble that creates music full of vivid emotions. Not for describing, but listening and feeling!

23. Christian Löffler York

Christian Löffler is an endlessly stylish musician and extra-talented record producer from Darß, Germany. He is the master of techno, house and ambient techno music. Perfect experimental music for pastel sketches, colored pencils drafts, or any activity that requires concentration on the process.

24. Labrinth Jealous (Piano Cover)

An amazing and outstanding electronic musician from London, this Grammy winner, Timothy Lee McKenzie, creates music that you want to listen to again and again. He’s the real genius of sound, one in a million.

25. Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy

Massive Attack is the legendary trip-hop sound from Bristol, England. The music makes you breathe deeply, makes you feel, makes you speechless with its inner struggles of love. Dynamic and full of life, it is an absolutely stunning sound.

26. Giga Papaskiri Lucie From Paris (Original Mix)

Dance electronics from Georgia that are perfect for creating spacious landscapes, unique watercolors, acrylic artworks, and architectural sketches.

27. Magnetic Poetry Magic Is Us

Magis Is Us is a track by Magnetic Poetry, a duo from Russia. Clear rhythm, sad guitar parts with joyous division times and synthesizer that creates atmospheric music ideal for sparking and developing new ideas.

28. Gerry Mulligan Prelude In E Minor

Gerry Mulligan is a unique American jazz saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer who developed the genre of cool jazz. His deeply lyrical music is a real treasure of the jazz scene, and of all the world.

29. Robert Haigh Clear Water

This is an excellent example of modern classical music. Very sensuous and touching, it is equally good for art activities, breathing exercises, and yoga.

30. Paco De Lucia Entre Dos Aguas

One of the greatest Spanish guitarists, known as the son of flamenco, Paco De Lucia, is the virtuoso of guitar music. Entre Dos Aguas will blow you away and inspire you to grab a canvas and brushes to express yourself! Right now!

31. Feist Intuition (Chilly Gonzales Solo Piano)

This is such a delicate and intimate vocal, full of emotions and recollections from a lovely Canadian girl.

32. Röyksopp Here She Comes Again

Here She Comes Again is an electronic gift from Norway. Melodic, languorous, and excellently executed, this stylish song fits well into anyone’s painting playlist.

33. Ben Howard Only Love

Very beautiful, light and touching guitar music by Ben Howard, an artist from London, raised on the music of such icons as Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, and John Martyn.

34. Gidge Huldra

This duo from Sweden brings you ambient electronic sound that’s been described as ethereal beats that transport your mind, body, and soul to a more peaceful place. Highly recommended.

35. metic Playground Romance

Very emotional and uplifting string tune that’s the perfect track for drawing or working.

Nothing stimulates creative thinking like listening to music and there is no surprise that classical music tends to boost your creativity. But, we hope our alternative playlist will broaden your musical horizons!

If you are looking for more playlists to get inspired or to create a musical soundtrack for your artmaking, we recommend checking this playlist from The Guardian.

There are also tons of streaming services that are easy to use, many with free trial periods. These include some of our favorites: Deezer, Apple Music, or Google Play Music.

In case you’re into indy artists, check these music platforms: Artlist or Epidemic Music.

We’re always interested in what artists listen to while they create. Share your favorite tunes to work to in the comments section below.

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