Trending Now: Hispanic Heritage Month

Trending Now: Hispanic Heritage Month

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’ve gathered a list of six Hispanic monuments, landmarks, and masterpieces rich with history to inspire the artist in you.

The Temple of the Jaguar, Templo I, Tikal, Petén Department, Guatemala

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El Templo del Gran Jaguar was built for the ruler of Tikal, an ancient Maya civilization around 732 AD. On the temple atop the nine-tier structure is a carving of the king on a jaguar throne, giving the name to the famous historical landmark that still stands today, in the Petén Department of Guatemala. Admire The Temple of the Jaguar’s architectural beauty and recreate it with these acrylic markers. Your drawing will remain as well-preserved as the temple, thanks to the markers’ anti-aging formula. With both chiseled and round-tip ends on each marker, you can easily go from detailing the stone’s texture to adding shadows on the steps. Even add your own flair with metallics!

Suspension Bridge in the Rainforest Cloud Jungle, Alajuela Province, Poás, Costa Rica

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Amidst the vast rainforest that surrounds the active Poás volcano in the Alajuela province of Costa Rica is a suspension bridge for biologists and tourists alike to observe vegetation and wildlife from above. Don’t worry if you have a fear of heights, because with our set of Acrylic Premium Paints, you can produce artwork that will transport you to the top of the Rainforest Cloud Jungle, no matter where you are. These 60 highly-saturated paints have a thick consistency to evenly spread color or build texture on any surface. To depict the dimension in the vast vegetation, squeeze a small amount of phthalo green to disperse a coat of shadowed greenery, layer with swatches of mid green, then add your highlights using pale green. For added dimension, lay down thick swatches of your midtones and highlights with a palette knife.

Plaza del Congreso, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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The Plaza del Congreso is the largest of three connected plazas outside of the Argentinian Congress building in Buenos Aires. The plaza holds many structural artworks, such as the “Monument of the Two Congresses,” a historically significant masterpiece that commemorates both the first Constitutional Assembly in 1813 and the Declaration of Independence in 1816. To depict the amount of detail in the artwork inspiring you to create, you’ll need the right tools. We have you covered with our set of 48 Inkonic Fineliner Pens. Formulated to dry quickly without bleeding, these pens have a metal-encased 0.4mm tip to create the best precision in any color, for any drawing. Pay a visit yourself or reference the image to recreate your version of this structural masterpiece!

Machu Picchu, Cusco, Peru

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Located in Peru’s Andes Mountains is the well-preserved historic sanctuary, Machu Picchu. Built around 1450 AD, this Incan Empire symbol is deemed one of the seven wonders of the world. Men allegedly hauled several 50lb stones up the mountainside to build the temples and bathhouses that made up the hidden city, but you can recreate this world wonder without the hard labor. Our EverBlend Ultra Art Markers are perfect for bringing out the vibrant hues in this scenery. Use the fine-tip side to create the detailed structure of the city, or the chiseled side for bold washes of color. You can create a soft gradient and add subtle highlights with the clear blending marker included in this set. With an additional 143 colors to choose from, you’ll have every shade you need for your artistic interpretation of Machu Picchu.

Mirante Dona Marta, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Standing 362 meters (nearly 1,200 feet) above Rio de Janeiro is Mirante Dona Marta. This attraction offers a 360-degree view of the landmarks, beaches, and skyrises Brazil’s capital has to offer, with many traveling to experience the breathtaking scenery as the sun sets behind the mountains. Whether you’re taking in the panoramic view in person or admiring from afar, recreate the scenery and get creative with our Pouring Acrylic Paints. Pour mixtures of colors like phthalo blue, sea green, and white to depict the seascape at noon, or vermilion red and neon orange to produce a vibrant sunset. Just use painter’s tape to cover scenery you wish to create with detail and carefully remove when dry to complete your masterpiece however you’d like.

Ángel de Independencia, Mexico City, Mexico

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Located in Mexico City, Ángel de Independencia (The Angel of Independence) was built in 1910 to commemorate the centenary of the Independence of Mexico. People travel from all around to admire the structure which features an angel dipped in 24k gold at the top, pieces of history embedded in the foundation, and an eternal flame burning at its base with the remains of freedom fighters. Our set of 96 nylon-tipped markers offers you a wide variety of colors and techniques to bring your own Angel of Independence to life. First, create the fine detail of the structure with the pointed nylon tip, then add light pressure to fill with color. Add water to create a soft highlight on the gold angel or a light wash of sky-blue for your background.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month today by grabbing your favorite products and creating your own masterpiece inspired by these iconic monuments.


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