What Is Fuel Your Creativity?

What Is Fuel Your Creativity?

The art industry has been a pillar of traditional legacy for centuries, making it rigorous for many artists to break the mold and become well-known. Today, Arteza announced the launch of its pivotal campaign - Fuel Your Creativity - which will redefine what it means to be an artist as it aims to transform a traditional industry and empower creators by paving a path for artistic inspiration, education, and digital creativity.

Arteza went behind the scenes with seven artists around the world who are transforming the art industry through social media. Over the next 7 weeks, Arteza will take you on an artistic journey through the heart of each artist by sharing their techniques, inspiration, artwork, and so much more!

This campaign is made up of 4 different components that come together to champion these artists and connect all creators through inspiration, technology, and art supplies.  The main components of this campaign are:

The Artists

The Artists

The Arteza Community team examined our creative community, and chose seven skilled artists that were disrupting their medium through their techniques while building their own creative tribes.

The Education

The Education

The Arteza creative team traveled across the world to sit with these artists in their studios and capture education, tips, and techniques to share back with our creative community.

The Collection

The Collection

For the first time, Arteza has partnered with Creators in each category to release the first Arteza NFT Collection in conjunction with the Fuel Your Creativity campaign. These pieces are limited edition pieces, and if you are the first one to purchase any of these NFT's, the artist will ship you the real print as well! (Does not apply if NFT's are resold)

The Fuel Your Creativity Bundles

The Bundles

For the campaign, Arteza is also launching a limited run of "Fuel Your Creativity" Bundles. These bundles come in two different types - Starter Bundles to help get new artists inspired and equipped to delve into a new medium, and Favorites Bundles, which are the favorite products of each Fuel Your Creativity artist in each medium.


See the different artist and learning how they began insures me! Thanks for sharing.


Love this initiative and look forward to hearing more about it!


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