12 Day Holiday Advent Calendar Featuring Diane Hill

Meet Diane Hill

Diane Hill is a London-based artist who paints bright and vivid artwork inspired by a style popular in the 18th Century called Chinoiserie. Diane has partnered with us to design the box of Arteza's 12 Day Advent Calendar. On the cover of the box, Diane has created a beautiful arrangement of cardinals with her signature vibrant colors. Cardinals symbolize many things, especially in the winter season; they often bring hope and joy as their brilliant color sticks out in the snow. 

Inspired by creating the ideal Chinoiserie room for her daughter, Diane meticulously painted the walls bright and vibrant colors filled with various birds. Along the way, she decided to post some photos; the rest is history. Diane has since partnered with many brands, from wallpaper to jewelry and even temporary tattoos!

To achieve a modern, unique look, Diane paints her original artwork on paper backed silk, leaving the finished pieces a truly captivating sight to see. To create prints, her artwork is then precisely digitized so it remains as lifelike to the original as possible. Diane uses a wide range of premium paint brushes and gouache is her medium of choice. Her keen eye and excellent craftsmanship ensures every work of art includes depth, perfectly blended gradients and fine details.

Keep reading to see the day by day contents inside the calendar and a few ways to inspire your creativity! 

12 Day Advent Calendar

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with Arteza's 12 Day Holiday Calendar. This artist's advent calendar includes a wide range of media and tools for artists of all backgrounds to explore! We welcome artists of all religions and spiritual practices to join us in creatively celebrating this truly special time of the year! Be your creative self throughout the holiday season with this absolute must-have artist's advent calendar.

Day 1: Wood Slices (x 2)

Our Premium Wood Slices are a truly versatile canvas for artists. Creatives can burn, decorate, or paint these natural pine wood slices. We've taken the time to sand and polish the surface of your wood slices to save you extra time and energy. 

Inspiration: Let us gather around the Christmas Tree and draw the tree of your dreams! Use the included Wood Slices to depict your favorite holiday symbol. We invite you to create with whatever supplies you'd like; this can include paints, pens, and markers.

Day 2: Paint Brushes (x 3) | Round (#4), Flat (#6) & Angle (#5)

Welcome these fabulous paint brushes to your collection. This well-rounded assortment of brushes includes several types for your next masterpiece. Round brushes are great for filling in details and small areas, as well as offer the ability to create thick to thin strokes. Lay down bold strokes, large areas of color and precise lines with the included flat brush. Lastly, angle brushes are ideal for finer details (using the tip) as well as washes of colors and fine lines. Having a range of paint brushes is essential for painters and crafters of all skill levels!

Inspiration: Satisfy the season's sweet tooth with a candy cane, by creating your own candy cane painting with these well-crafted brushes. Each paint brush is suitable for acrylics, oil paints, gouache, tempera, and watercolor, so you're free to use whichever medium you prefer! 

Day 3: Acrylic Paint Tube (22ml) | Green

Create with our beloved acrylic paint! This 22 ml acrylic paint tube is filled with pigment, so a little goes a long way! Whether you prefer to dilute your paint with water to create a wash or work straight out of the tube, you'll find yourself impressed with the coverage and consistency. We've included a perfect shade of green that will act as a long-lived addition to your collection.

Inspiration: Use this tube of Green paint to create a Christmas tree, poinsettia, holly, festive palm tree, or any other holiday-themed piece that calls for green! 

Day 4: Acrylic Paint Tube (22ml) | Scarlet Red 

This 22ml acrylic paint tube is filled with highly pigmented paint that packs a punch! Our acrylic paint can be used on it's own or diluted with water, making the creative possibilities endless. Use this tube of premium Scarlet Red paint to create beautiful holiday-themed paintings.  

Inspiration: We challenge you to paint a portrait of the one, the only, Santa Claus! Dress Santa in his favorite color with the perfect shade of red. Don't forget to add a little extra paint to his rosy red cheeks!

Day 5: Acrylic Paint Tube (22ml) | Snowman White 

No acrylic paint collection would be complete without a tube of Snowman White! Since our acrylic paints are super blendable, you can effortlessly mix the color you desire. This versatile shade also adds highlights, accents, and much more to your artwork. 

Inspiration: Let it snow! Paint your own snow angel or snowflakes with your new Snowman White Acrylic Paint Tube. White paint is also great for adding accents and highlights to any artwork or crafts you create. 

Day 6: Acrylic Paint Tube (22ml) | Ultramarine Blue 

The smooth consistency of these acrylic paints is ideal for mixing colors and creating textures with palette knives. Every tube is labeled with its color name/number, pigment information, transparency level, and lightfastness rating. Since blue is a primary color, you'll be able to use this shade long after the holidays pass. 

Inspiration: Believe in the magic of the holidays! Use this tube of Ultramarine Blue to create your own unique winter wonderland. Add subtle blue details to your snow-themed art, or create other seasonally inspired masterpieces.

Day 7: Metallic Acrylic Paint Marker (Fine Nib) | Silver 

Our Premium Metallic Acrylic Markers invite artists to draw their paintings! This innovative marker makes painting easier, as it provides artists with more stability and control as they create. This water-based pen is perfect for paper, glass, cardboard, wood, plastic, and more. Paint with complete confidence using our fine nib, Metallic Acrylic Markers. Add shimmering accents to any of your artwork with this stunning silver shade.

Inspiration: Merry and Bright! Use your new Silver Metallic Acrylic Marker to paint a star, pair of holiday bells, icicles, and more.

Day 8: Mini Acrylic Pad (4" x 4") | 16 sheets 

We've provided you with a miniature version of our best-selling acrylic pads. Each sheet features thick, 300 gsm (246 lbs) acid-free paper that preserves the vibrancy of your paintings. The portable size of this acrylic pad makes it ideal for painting in the comfort of your own home or on the go. Create countless winter arts and crafts projects with this Mini Acrylic Pad!

Inspiration: Celebrate with old friends and new! Paint what your holiday celebrations look like, your favorite traditions, an inspirational quote, and more on this Mini Acrylic Pad. 

Day 9: Metallic Acrylic Paint Tube (22ml) | Holiday Gold 

Our professional-grade metallic acrylic paint helps you produce stunning, shimmering paintings and attention-drawing crafts. The metallic paint performs just like the classic colors of our acrylic paint, only with an eye-catching finish. Along with the wood surfaces included in this calendar, paint on a wide range of smooth surfaces, including rocks, canvas, glass, and ceramics.

Inspiration: Get into the spirit of the season! This Holiday Gold paint is perfect for painting holiday stars, bells, and more. Additionally, you can add shining highlights to your artwork and create gilded crafts with this stunning gold acrylic paint any time of the year!

Day 10: Acrylic Paint Marker (Fine Nib) | Green 

Paint without ever touching a paintbrush with Acrylic Markers! The extra fine nib on this marker is optimal for creating details, outlines, text, and even signing your finished works of art. Our acrylic markers feature quick-drying ink, which is also water-based, making it highly blendable.

Inspiration: Don't forget to add that last finishing touch to your holiday-themed artwork; the perfect sprig of mistletoe! Use this Green Acrylic Marker to create holiday-themed botanicals on your wood slices, mini acrylic pad, or surface of choice. 

Day 11: Acrylic Paint Marker (Fine Nib) | Red 

Take your DIY crafts and art projects to the next level with this Acrylic Paint Marker. This versatile paint marker will work on surfaces like paper, glass, rocks, wood, metal, plastic, and more. Transform your next project with a well-crafted Acrylic Paint Marker in Red. 

Inspiration: Deck the halls with red ribbons! Draw a simple red ribbon on any of the surfaces you've received so far or on your own surface of choice. This fine nib acrylic marker in red is also perfect for creating and embellishing your own holiday cards.

Day 12: Glitter Jar (10g) | Silver 

The holidays are the perfect time to use glitter with your art supplies! Add glitter details and accents to your paintings, illustrations, mixed media pieces, arts and craft projects, sculptures, and more with this 10g jar of Glitter in Silver. 

Inspiration: Let all your projects sparkle and shine. Try adding this glitter to any snow artwork you create for extra dimension!

We hope you had yourself a holly, jolly Holiday Season! 


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