24 Day Holiday Advent Calendar

24 Day Advent Calendar

Countdown to the holidays with this 24 Day Advent Calendar! Arteza's artist's advent calendar provides creatives of all ages, disciplines, and backgrounds with new arts and crafts supplies! Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year by creating with some of your favorite supplies. The range of products included in this advent calendar also allows you to explore mediums you may not have used before. Create artwork that truly celebrates the holiday season with this joyous 24 Day Advent Calendar!

We can't wait to see all you create with this unique 24 Day Advent Calendar. Keep reading to find out what we've included in each day of this advent calendar and some artistic inspiration along the way.

Day 1: Wood Slices | x 2

Each premium wood slice is pre-sanded and polished, making these canvases ready to be used the moment you receive them. We invite you to create with whatever supplies you'd like; this can include paints, pens, wood burning, and markers.

Inspiration: Create truly unique holiday ornaments and decorations with these well-crafted wood slices!

Day 2: Round (# 4) Paint Brush 

Paint holiday-themed masterpieces with your new Round Paint Brush! A round paint brush is essential for any and every painter, which is why we made sure to supply you with one early on this creative holiday season! This paint brush is made of synthetic hair, a brass ferrule, and a birch wood handle, providing you with a paint brush that is built to last. 

Inspiration: Round brushes are great for filling in details, small areas, and offer the ability to create thick-to-thin strokes. Since this round paint brush can do so much, you'll be able to use this premium paint brush for all of your winter-themed artwork and crafts! 

Day 3: Acrylic Paint Tube (22ml) | Green 

Create with our beloved acrylic paint! This 22 ml acrylic paint tube is filled with pigment, so a little goes a long way! Whether you prefer to dilute your paint with water to create a wash or work straight out of the tube, you'll find yourself impressed with the coverage and consistency. We've included a perfect shade of green that will act as a long-lived addition to your collection. 

Inspiration: Use this tube of Green acrylic paint to create a Christmas tree, poinsettia, holly, Christmas cactus, a festive palm tree, or any other holiday-themed piece that calls for green!

Day 4: Metallic Acrylic Paint Marker (Fine Nib) | Gold 

Our Premium Metallic Acrylic Markers invite artists to draw their paintings! This innovative marker makes painting easier as it gives artists more stability and control as they create. Since this painting marker is suitable for wood, canvas, glass, and ceramic surfaces, you'll have multiple ways to create.  

Inspiration: Make your Christmas star with this fine nib gold pen. This stunning gold paint marker is also amazing for creating personalized holiday cards and adding metallic highlights to your arts and crafts.  

Day 5: Mini Acrylic Pad (4" x 4") | 16 sheets 

We've provided you with a miniature version of our best-selling acrylic pads. Each sheet features thick, 300 gsm (246 lbs) acid-free paper that preserves the vibrancy of your artwork. The portable size of this acrylic pad makes it ideal for painting in the comfort of your own home or on the go. Create countless winter arts and crafts projects with this Mini Acrylic Pad. 

Inspiration: Celebrate with old friends and new! Paint what your holiday celebrations look like, your favorite traditions, an inspirational quote, and more on this Mini Acrylic Pad. 

Day 6: Watercolor Half Pan | Snowy Silver

This shimmering Snowy Silver watercolor half pan is packed with pigment and will add something special to your artwork. When you're ready to start painting your winter wonderland, just add a touch of water to activate the paint, and you'll be ready to create. 

 Inspiration: Silver Bells are ringing! Use this eye-catching silver shade to create your own silver bells or add highlights to your piece. Additionally, painting over any of your other (dry) colors with this shade can help add a unique metallic sheen. 

Day 7: Flat (# 6) Paint Brush 

Create your own holiday décor and artwork with the help of this Flat Paint Brush! This well-crafted paint brush is made of synthetic hair, a brass ferrule, and a birch wood handle. Since this paint brush is suitable for acrylics, oil paints, gouache, tempera, and watercolor, you're free to use whichever medium you prefer. 

Inspiration: Flat brushes are one of the most versatile brushes, which makes this an exceptional addition to your collection! Use this flat brush in your next holiday painting or craft to add precise lines and lay down large areas of color. 

Day 8: Metallic Acrylic Paint Tube (22ml) | Holiday Gold 

We've included a Metallic Acrylic Paint Tube to add to your growing paint collection, this time in the color Holiday Gold—perfect for this joyous time of year! Paint on wood, canvas, painting paper, foam board, and more with this premium metallic paint. 

Inspiration: Get into the spirit of the season and highlight your crafts with gold! The holidays are the perfect time to add gold to any artwork or project. Whether you're adding subtle hints to your artwork or painting entire ornaments gold, this tube of gold acrylic paint is perfect for the job. 

Day 9: Acrylic Paint Marker (Fine Nib) | Red 

Create where and whenever inspiration strikes with our highly portable acrylic markers. This versatile paint marker will work on surfaces like paper, glass, rocks, wood, metal, plastic, and more. Transform your next project with a well-crafted Acrylic Paint Marker in Red. 

Inspiration: Deck the halls with red ribbons! Draw a simple red ribbon on any of the surfaces you've received so far or on your own surface of choice. This fine nib acrylic marker in red is also perfect for creating and embellishing your own holiday cards.

Day 10: Glitter Gel Pen (Fine Nib) | Silver 

Add dazzling effects without fading, skipping, or smearing with this Silver Glitter gel pen. The ink featured has an incredibly fast drying time, making this glitter gel ink pen optimal for writers, artists, creators, and any other creative individual. This Silver shade is especially perfect for the holiday season! 

Inspiration: Make your holidays happy; use this pen on gift tags! This fine nib pen is also ideal for outlining words and phrases and adding shimmering details to any artwork or craft you create. 

Day 11: Watercolor Half Pan | Winter Gold

Paint captivating works of art with this Winter Gold half pan of watercolor paint! This watercolor is infused with shimmering pigments to provide a liquid metal finish. Just add water, and you'll be ready to create your next masterpiece!

Inspiration: It's the most wonderful time of the year to add gold to your art! Add less water to the paint to create bold, gilded strokes or add more water for glimmering washes of gold. 

Day 12: Angle (# 9) Paint Brush 

Like the previous brushes, this angle brush is made of synthetic hair, a brass ferrule, and a birch wood handle, providing you with another premium paint brush. This # 9 size angle brush is also exclusive to this advent calendar!  

Inspiration: Angle brushes allow artists to use the tip of the angle brush to create details and the brush's body for washes of color. Experiment with using this angle brush both ways on your next holiday artwork or craft! 

Day 13: Acrylic Paint Tube (22ml) | Scarlet Red 

This 22ml acrylic paint tube is filled with highly pigmented paint that packs a punch! Our acrylic paint can be used on it's own or diluted with water, making the creative possibilities endless. Use this tube of premium Scarlet Red paint to create beautiful holiday-themed paintings.  

Inspiration: We challenge you to paint a portrait of the one, the only, Santa Claus! Dress Santa in his favorite color with this perfect shade of red. Don't forget to add a little extra paint to his rosy red cheeks!

Day 14: Acrylic Marker (Fine Nib) | Green 

Paint without ever touching a paintbrush with Acrylic Markers! The fine nibs on each marker are optimal for creating details, outlines, text, and even signing your finished works of art. Our acrylic markers feature quick-drying ink, which is also water-based, making it highly blendable.

Inspiration: Don't forget to add that last finishing touch to your holiday-themed artwork; the perfect sprig of mistletoe! Use this Green Acrylic Marker to create holiday-themed botanicals on your wood slices, mini acrylic pad, or surface of choice. 

Day 15: Acrylic Paint Tube (22ml) | Snowman White

No acrylic paint collection would be complete without a tube of White paint! Since our acrylic paints are super blendable, you can effortlessly mix the color you desire. This versatile shade also adds highlights, accents, and much more to your artwork. 

Inspiration: Let it snow! Paint your own snow angel, snowman, or snowflakes with your new White Acrylic Paint Tube.  

Day 16: Acrylic Paint Marker (Fine Nib) | Gray 

Create beautiful accents and outlines in any of your artwork with this stunning gray Acrylic Paint Marker. This innovative marker makes painting easier, providing artists with more stability and control as they create. This water-based pen is perfect for paper, glass, cardboard, wood, and more. Paint with complete confidence using our fine nib, Acrylic Markers.

Inspiration: Looking to add extra depth and shadows to your holiday piece? Add this gray where you want extra dimension and watch your artwork and crafts transform!

Day 17: Glitter Gel Pen (Fine Nib) | Gold 

Add more sparkle to your holiday arts and crafts with this fine nib, Gold glitter pen. Whether creating sparkling outlines to your sketches or writing dazzling greeting cards, this glitter gel pen is sure to be an eye-catching addition to your art supplies. Best of all, our glitter gel ink pens are quick-drying and smear-free!

Inspiration: Don’t forget the milk and cookies! Use this glimmering gel pen in Gold to outline dazzling stars, design gingerbread men, draw a scrumptious plate of cookies for Santa, and so much more. 

Day 18: Watercolor Half Pan | Festive Blue

Our Festive Blue metallic watercolor half pan makes your holiday art shine bright. This shimmering paint is packed with pigment and adds the perfect metallic sheen to your winter wonderland artwork and crafts. Simply activate with water, and you're ready to create! 

Inspiration:  You can never have enough dazzling shades in your art supplies, especially during the holidays. We invite you to create glimmering snowflakes, gleaming icicles, frosty snowmen, and so much more with this Festive Blue shade! 

Day 19: Acrylic Pouring Paint  (60ml) | Winter Wonderland White 

Create a stunning abstract work of art with this Pouring Acrylic Paint. No need to spend time trying to get the right ratio for a pour medium to make pouring art—all you need to do is open the bottle and start creating! You'll be making beautiful artwork in no time with this Winter Wonderland White shade.

Inspiration: Make your artwork pop with Winter Wonderland White! This shade will make any other colors of pouring paint on your canvas of choice stand out. If you haven't used white in your pouring paint creations before, we encourage you to do so! 

Day 20: Acrylic Pouring Paint (60ml) | Twilight Blue

To complement the previous Acrylic Pouring Paint, we've also included this stunning Twilight Blue color! Since every bottle is pre-mixed, this easy-to-use medium is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. The high-flow consistency of our acrylic pouring paint makes it easy to spread the colors around your surface and get an even application every time. 

Inspiration: Don't forget about the Wood Slices you received at the beginning of the month! Create a rustic, yet abstract statement piece using both pouring paint and wood slices.

Day 21: Shaped Canvas (4" Sides) | Hexagon 

Every artist needs the perfect canvas, which is why we've added one of our unique Hexagon Stretched Canvases! Our canvases are pre-primed with premium gesso for your convenience. The 100% cotton surface is suitable for tempera, oil, acrylic, gouache, and pouring paints.

Inspiration: Use any of the supplies you've received so far on this hexagon stretched canvas to create festive paintings and mixed media pieces that truly stand out.

Day 22: Acrylic Pouring Paint (60ml) | Silver 

Create glimmering, fluid art designs with this Pouring Acrylic Paint in Silver. Each bottle comes pre-mixed, so all you need to do is open the bottle and start creating on the surface of your choice! Pouring paint works wonderfully on surfaces like canvas, wood slices, rocks, glass, ceramics, and more.

Inspiration: Add this shimmering Silver Acrylic Pouring Paint to the other two shades you've received (white and blue) to create a unique holiday-inspired work of art.  

Day 23: Shaped Canvas (4" Sides) | Triangle 

Start painting the moment you feel inspired with this pre-primed, 100% cotton Triangle Shaped Stretched Canvas. Now that you have various mediums suitable for canvases, you'll be able to create beautiful works of art on this unique triangle canvas!

Inspiration: The next time you're creating, reach for this Triangle Stretched Canvas instead! You'll be amazed at how much the shape of your canvas can change your composition. 

Day 24: Glitter Jar (10g) | Silver 

The holidays are the perfect time to use glitter with your art supplies! Add glitter details and accents to your paintings, illustrations, mixed media pieces, pour paintings, and more with this 10g jar of Glitter in Silver. The only limit is your imagination this holiday season! 

Inspiration: Let all your projects sparkle and shine. Try adding this glitter to any snow or ice artwork you create for extra dimension. 


Thank you for creating with us, and Happy Holidays!

From your friends at Arteza

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