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100% Cotton 9x12" Watercolor Pad, Dual-Sided - 14 Sheets


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  • Dual-Sided 100% Cotton Sheets – Each cold-pressed 9x12” sheet features a toothy surface for even washes and finer detail.
  • Heavyweight – Multiple washes and deeper penetration of pigment are achievable with this 140 lb/300 gsm paper.
  • Acid-Free – Prevent fading and protect your work for years to come with 100% acid-free paper that leaves color as vivid as when it was first applied.
  • Glue-Bound – Convenience and portability are yours as you tote this sturdy, glue-bound watercolor sketch pad to various locales and let your creativity flow.

Your imagination and your watercolors will run wild with this double-sided, 100% cotton, 9x12” Watercolor Pad.  Each of the 14 expert-quality sheets in a pad features a molded textured side. Not too rough or too smooth, ARTEZA’s cold-pressed, double-sided paper has rough and fine grain textured sides making it ideal for large, even washes and multiple watercolor layers. You’ll find these pages quickly absorb water to maximize blending capabilities and provide clean lines with no bleed through. Perfect for watercolors, these pads also work well with mixed media.

At 140 lb/300 gsm, these sheets can take multiple washes of color without deteriorating and your pigments will penetrate deeper into the fibers.

Eliminate the chances of color deterioration and emphasize the vibrancy of each pigment. ARTEZA\s acid-free paper prevents fading and perfectly absorbs water, leaving your artwork with nothing but color as vivid as its first application, from start to finish.

Glue binding helps keep your creations in one convenient and portable place, or you can readily choose to rip out a clean-edged sheet while leaving your other art intact. Because this binding keeps the sketch pad together, you have more convenience and portability as you move your work from place to place when on-the-go.

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