Watermarking and
Protecting Your Creation.

Watermarking and
Protecting Your Creation.


Generative AI art has revolutionized content creation, especially in images and art. However, they have raised concerns as they often train on copyrighted, private, or sensitive images without artists' consent or compensation. Style mimicry, where AI models replicate artists' styles, exacerbates these issues, leading to artists' loss of income and identity and discouraging aspiring ones.

To address this problem, Glaze was developed as a protective measure. Glaze uses machine learning to subtly alter artworks, making them appear unchanged to human observers but drastically different from AI models. It's like an invisible layer that AI models perceive, but humans don't, making it resistant to common attacks.

Glaze has some limitations despite its strengths, especially in art with flat colors and smooth backgrounds. It's also a temporary solution, as future algorithms may overcome it. Nevertheless, it aims to protect artists in the short term while legal and regulatory efforts take shape.

Glaze is offered for free, with no hidden fees or business model, driven by the desire to help artists. WebGlaze was introduced to make Glaze more accessible, allowing artists to use it on various devices, and it's also accessible through research grants. If you need WebGlaze, request an invite through their social media channels or email.

In summary, Glaze and WebGlaze are tools designed to safeguard artists from AI mimicry, offered free of charge to support the artistic community while long-term solutions are sought.

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