Read All About It! Arteza’s July Monthly Digest

Read All About It! Arteza’s July Monthly Digest

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July Happenings at Arteza

Wow, what a whirlwind month July has been! It’s been a fun month full of inspiring art activities and amazing artwork. The Arteza community has been busy going to art camp, entering challenges and learning lots of new tricks and techniques through our blogs and videos. Summer may be winding down and back-to-school is just around the corner, but here at Arteza, we’re charging full steam ahead with more to look forward to in the future. We hope you’ll join us! Until then, here’s a recap of the July happenings.

Inspiration, Motivation & More!

July offered a chance to discover new things, take on new challenges and win prizes! Check it out:

Arteza Art Camp

Arteza’s first-ever art camp gave artists and crafters of all ages and skill levels the chance to get one-on-one instruction from some of the most popular art professionals in the industry. This free online summer art program provided lessons, videos and blogs on a variety of media, including watercolor, acrylics, gouache, drawing pencils, colored pencils, polymer clay and art markers. Campers got the opportunity to follow along with step-by-step instruction as well as meet their instructors via stream lessons. By posting their works on social media with the hashtag #ArtezaCamp, they entered into a contest with the chance to win some amazing art supplies!

Arteza Art Camp

If you couldn’t attend all the courses, click on the links below to catch up. 

Arteza Art Camp Tutorials: 

Day 1 - Watercolor 

Day 2 - Gouache

Day 3 - Acrylics

Day 4 - Pencil Drawing

Day 5 - Colored Pencils

Day 6 - Polymer Clay 

Day 7 - Markers

Day 8 - Bonus Day with Easy Drawing for Kids to Practice What They’ve Learned

Make sure your email is registered with us to get all the information on our next art camp. You don’t want to miss it! 

Create an Arteza Art Superhero Challenge #ArtezaCon

Our followers who excel at character drawing and comic art rose to the #ArtezaCon Challenge. We got so many amazing submissions it was a superhuman task to choose the winners! Check the works of the finalists!

1st Place - @judyblu27

View this post on Instagram

It’s Final Battle Time!🦸💥 Vote for your favorite Superhero. To vote, like one of the three photos, the photo with the most likes by 7/23 5PM EST will be the 1st place winner, followed by 2nd & 3rd places.✨ “Iris is a 17 year old girl that lived with her mom Rain. One day after school Iris was at her moms gallery and came across a glowing bag hidden away in a secret storage room and that's when her life changed. Later discovering she inherited the same powers as her mom once had giving her the ability to create whatever she imagined with the capability to manipulate and control her creations to help others around her..... later becoming the superhero known as...Aesthete!🤯” - @judyblu27

A post shared by ARTEZA (@artezaofficial) on

2nd Place - @cnidarian.comics

3rd Place - @andanyworks

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It’s Final Battle Time!🦸💥 Vote for your favorite Superhero. To vote, like one of the three photos, the photo with the most likes by 7/23 5PM EST will be the 1st place winner, followed by 2nd & 3rd places.✨ “RGB Kid isn’t an ordinary teenager. He’s a gifted artist who at a very young age discovered he had psychokinetic powers (Shhh no one knows). One day while drawing in his bedroom he noticed the desk was shaking, his color pencils would float and the sketchbook would dance right in front of his eyes! It took him some practice to control his powers but then his life took another drastic turn of events! Surprisingly after ordering art materials from, a strange black box with the Arteza logo on it came instead! He opened it and there he found a pair of bracelets made of some strange metal with 3 gem stones on each of them, Red 🔴, Green 🟢 and Blue 🔵 A mysterious voice in the box or in his mind whispered: “put them on” and bang! 💥 RGB Kid was born! 😃 A letter in the bottom of the box was also found telling him to “seek his destiny and turn this world free from evil with the power of art”. Fused with his psychokinetic powers, these magical RGB bracelets gave him the special ability to draw on thin air WITH HIS FINGERS and turn his creations to life! He could fly by drawing a giant bird to carry him 🦅, he could fight the bad guys with the help of a T-Rex 🦖 to scare them away, or he could protect himself with an impenetrable shield 🛡 just to name a few of his awesome creative superpowers since art has no limits! 🖌🎨 Who knows where the RGB gem stones come from 😳 or what the mysterious letter from Arteza meant by saying “Seek your destiny”? 🤯 All we know now is this is just the beginning of an out-of-this-world creative adventure! ✍️✌️🔴🟢🔵” - @andanyworks

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Watercolor Art Challenge

Summertime is the perfect time to go outside for some watercolor landscape painting. We asked you to share your best works with us and your friends on social media using #ArtezaWCM for a chance to win $200 worth of art supplies.

Watercolor Art Challenge

July’s Most Popular Posts

Our social media accounts were blowing up this month with activity! Take a look at the posts with the most likes!


Check out this amazing character by @msshanh using EverBlend markers.

Art can help you create a world of characters only you can imagine! 😌🌈 🔸 Made with Arteza Everblend Markers >> Art by: @msshanh


Lots of people shared their favorite foods with us after seeing this delicious drawing by @a.aradilla

Learning is so much easier when you have a snack nearby. 😋 What is your favorite food to draw? 🍉 Made with: Arteza...


Arteza fabric paints made a big splash in this post.

"Everything you can imagine is real." - Pablo Picasso 👏 Make your dreams a reality with Arteza Fabric Paint >> #fabricpainting #customized #customjackets #artezapaint



Check out what’s below the surface in this video on how to use Arteza Scratch Art Paper


What’s a papaya taste like? Our followers let us know after watching this yummy papaya drawing with colored pencils. 


Can you describe the taste of Papaya?💭 Give it a try in the comments!😋 ##arteza ##art ##artwork ##artsy ##draw ##drawing ##papaya ##fruitart ##foodart

♬ The Big Day - Alex Arias & Alexander Julius Wright

Watch us pour it on in this video using Arteza Pouring Acrylics


Let us know in the comments!😋 ##arteza ##art ##artwork ##pour ##pourart ##paint ##paintpouring ##paintpour

♬ SUMMER'S OVER - New Body Electric

Get your glam on with Arteza glitter fabric paint. 


Just like gems, make your wardrobe rare and beautiful with Arteza 3-D fabric paint! 💎 ##arteza ##art ##artwork ##fabricpainting ##diyclothes ##diy ##glitter

♬ IMAGINATION - Lize Mynhardt

Until next month! Keep Creating!

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