Embroidery Pro Tips with Erika Tu’avao

Embroidery Pro Tips with Erika Tu’avao

How to Get Started + Embroidery Pro Tips

Painting can be done with so much more than paint, just ask Erika Tu'avao, an embroidery artist whose style has often been called 'thread painting.' Erika's distinct style is vibrant, detailed, layered, and really does appear much like a painting you'd see done with wet paint mediums.

We asked Erika how she got started with embroidery, as well as one of her most important tips. Before we dive into those videos, here are all of the supplies Erika used creating this stunning, embroidered sunset: 



Check out the quick videos below from Erika herself to learn more about how she made this beautiful work of art!


(video one)

"This is exactly what I started my embroidery journey with: a multipack of embroidery floss and the straight stitch! You can really create anything with the right colors and straight stitches." 


(video two)


"I always try to follow this embroidery rule! 3+ colors for every color, and I am always happier with how the landscape turns out. Let me know if you try it out!"


We hope these videos from Erika inspired you to add details to your embroidery, or encouraged you to pick up this exciting hobby! Happy crafting, and make sure to tag us and Erika on Instagram to show us what you created! 



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