How to Draw a Cute Cupcake

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Delight Yourself with This Delicious Cupcake Drawing

The only thing sweeter than eating a delicious cupcake is drawing one! To add a little something special to your Dessert Day, we’ve created this easy guide and video on how to draw a cupcake that’s cute enough to eat!

List of Supplies

  • Arteza Everblend Markers, Set of 120
    Flamingo & Hearts - A489, A48, A888, A884, A156, A159, A9426, A159, A936
    Cupcake and shortbread parts of hearts and pineapple: A610, A604, A611, A936
    Cupcake wrapper: A884, A883, A8273, A267
    Pineapple: A945, A949, A944, A93, A5948, A594
    Background: A267, A266, A1503, A151
  • Arteza Colored Pencils : A024, A004, A014, A008, A086

The artist in the video purposefully chose a smooth and somewhat glossy A4 paper with a density of 90lb (200 gsm) since it doesn’t absorb the marker’s ink as quickly as a rougher paper would. It allows the mixing of colors for beautiful and fluid gradients from light to dark as well as reducing the amount of ink used.

How to Draw A Cute Cupcake Step-by-Step

Step 1. Start with the Flamingo Frosting

To draw a cupcake step-by-step the artist starts with the pink flamingo. She first uses the blender marker on the flamingo’s neck to brighten the following color she adds next, light pink A489. She also uses this color to define the shadows as these markers are semi-transparent and work best when added in layers. To intensify the shadows, the artist uses medium pink A48, to blur the previous colors for a smooth gradient.

She darkens the center of the neck to create a shadow, going closer to the right edge but stopping before she gets to the edge. The outer edge of the neck is lighter because it has a reflection of the bird’s wing and the background, which are lighter colors. Using light and dark shadows in this way creates the feeling of 3-dimensionality to the flamingo’s neck.

Step 2. Filling in the Beak

The artist also uses the blender marker on the beak to brighten the light cream A9426. She draws the beak with the A9426 marker, adding a little bit of medium pink A489 to create a shadow by blending the two colors together. For the end of the beak, she uses dark grey A159 for the background and medium grey A156 for the reflections of light with one glare a little lighter than the other.

Working near the eye and the top of the beak the artist uses medium bright pink A888 to darken the area for more contrast.

Step 3. Draw the Wings

The wings and the feathers are drawn using the same technique as the neck — from medium pink A489 to the darker medium bright pink A888. To define the feathers in the wing, the artist leaves some of the white paper showing and adds more of the medium bright pink A888. She creates the second wing using A888 and adds light violet A884 on the back of the wing to create a shadow.

Step 4. Drawing the Cupcake

To create the top of the cupcake, pale gold A936 is used, with a shadow added with light pink A489 and by blurring the edges of the two colors together. The main thing to remember is not to add too much color. You want the left side, which is the area the light is shining on, to be a paler shade and the right side, the area where less light is shining, to be darker.

Notice how the artist always uses strokes that go in the same direction as the contours of the object she is coloring.

To give the appearance of baked dough, the artist uses light brown A610 and irregular strokes to show the cupcake’s texture. She gradually adds darker shades with light medium brown A604 and medium brown A611, varying the strokes from large ones to small spots. Keeping the direction of the light in mind, she keeps the left side lighter than the right.

To make the paper cupcake baking cup, the artist covers the entire area first with light violet A888. Then she draws over the areas she’s colored with the same color to designate the folds in the paper. To darken them further, she uses the dark violet A883 marker.

HINT: This drawing contains many overlapping elements. As they overlap, they create shadows on top of one another. If you want a realistic drawing, don’t forget to add these shadows.

The artist then adds the shadows behind what will become the heart and pineapple cookies by adding indigo A8273 and blending it with the dark violet A883. She then adds highlights of pale blue A267.

Step 5. Adding the Heart Cookies

Starting with the heart cookies, the artist goes from light to dark using light cream A9426, light pink A489, and a bit of medium pink A48. To add shadows to the little round decorations on top of the cookies, she uses light violet A884. Leaving some of the white of the paper showing adds highlights to these decorations.

Step 6. Coloring the Pineapple Cookie

For the pineapple cookie, the artist first goes over the area with the blender marker. She then uses light yellow A945 to color in the cookie. This cookie has a criss-cross pattern on top, with high and low areas. The high areas on the pineapple are closer to us, so the artist keeps it in the light yellow shade. The lower areas are darker, so the artist darkens them with medium yellow A949, light medium beige A944, and medium beige A934 markers. For the darkest area she adds light medium brown A604. The pineapple’s leafy top is drawn with pale green A5948 leaving tiny white spots of the paper showing for the glare. They are darkened somewhat with medium green A5947 and then blended with the pale green.

Step 7. Add the Background

For the background, the artist uses pale blue A267 and medium blue A266. To create an airy look, she draws in a circular motion. Using the same colors, she then draws the cupcake’s stand adding light violet A884.

HINT: To make the cookies look as if they are sitting on the table, darken underneath them to to represent the shadows they cast.

Draw the table’s surface with light grey A1503 and medium grey A151 blending them with the shadows under the cookies. To integrate the background with the table’s surface the artist layers the pale blue A267 over the gray background.

Step 8. Add Highlights

Adding details to your artwork makes all the difference! Here, the artist uses a white pen to add highlights to the heart cookies and the flamingo's beak and eyes. She uses a white color pencil to create texture on the flamingo’s neck. She also works with fuschia A014 and eggplant purple A086 colored pencils to darken the back wing. She creates a smoother transition from blue to gray on the table’s surface by using peacock blue A008. Lastly, she adds lemon yellow A004 on the top of the cupcake for more contrast.

Tips for Using EverBlend Markers

  • Before drawing with the markers, lightly erase across your drawing to smooth and lighten pencil lines. Once you draw with the marker over the pencil lines they cannot be erased. Making them as light as possible in the beginning will give your drawing a cleaner appearance.
  • The main marker technique you will use is glazing or color layering. Since alcohol markers are semi-transparent you can add layers to darken a shade or create a new color by adding another layer of a different color.
  • Begin your drawing with lighter shades and gradually darken by layering.
  • Work quickly on big sheets of paper in order to create smooth color gradients and make corrections while the ink is still wet.
  • When filling in large areas, try to keep make one continuous stroke at a time. If you lift the marker in the middle of the stroke, you will get choppy lines.

You’ve done it! You’ve just drawn a cute cupcake using EverBlend markers. We hope this drawing guide has helped you learn more about these fun markers and encourages you to try more drawings of sweet things with them!

Before you get started, we recommend you watch the video all the way through. As you watch the artist progress through the picture, the step-by-step instructions will become clearer to you. Plus it will inspire you to grab your markers and have some fun!

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