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Eraser Pencil Kit

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  • Revise Your Artwork – Color correct and highlight fine details easily
  • Effortless Cleanup – Erase mistakes and flip the pencil over to brush away excess art material
  • Versatile In Use – Perfect for charcoal drawings, illustrations and sketches
  • Sharpener Included – Give your pencils the finest point for maximum precision

Make erasing as straightforward and quick as possible with Arteza’s Eraser Pencil Kit of six. Each kit includes five eraser pencils each with brushes, and one sharpener. This revolutionary artist’s tool makes erasing as refined as possible. Our brush erasers allow for effortless cleanup. The brushes included are great for brushing away excess eraser scraps, as well as detailing your work further. You can also use the brushes on the erasers in this pencil kit to spread charcoal over a drawing.


These versatile erasing tools are perfect for all of your graphite and charcoal needs. Whether you are illustrating, sketching, drawing or doodling, this eraser will make the process more time efficient. The eraser sharpener in this useful eraser pencil kit allows you to sharpen your erasers to the finest point for maximum precision in your artwork. Revise your work with ease using the erasers in this eraser pencil kit.


Allow erasing to become a gratifying task by upgrading to our Eraser Pencil Kit. This unique erasing kit is an absolute must-have for any serious artists. Whether you prefer to work with graphites, charcoal, pastels, or chalks, you need this well-crafted set of erasers in your collection. Order this Eraser Pencil Kit to set yourself up for creative success in the immediate future.