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Drawing Pencils

To create next level drawings and sketches you need top of the line drawing pencils! Regardless of your artistic skill set our drawing pencils are sure to assist you in elevating your craft. We offer artists everything from watercolor pencils to charcoal pencils to #2 HB Wood-Cased Pencils! Charcoal artists will make excellent use of our White Charcoal Pencils Set of 12, Compressed Charcoal Set of 16, and Professional Drawing Pencil Set. Artists who prefer graphites need our Professional Drawing Pencils Pack of 12 and our Woodless Graphite Pencils Set of 12. Any young artist will be excited to welcome our Kids Watercolor Pencils with Watercolor Brush Set of 50, Kids Neon and Metallic Colored Pencils Set of 48, Kids Colored Pencils Set of 48, or our Kids Double-Sided Colored Pencils Set of 50 into their arts supplies collection. 


Which pencil is best of everything? If you’re looking for one pencil, we recommend our #2 HB Pencils, available with wood-casing or as a Mechanical Pencil. Some artists prefer to work with wood-cased pencils since they allow you to shade a large area at once, and make blending easy. Whereas some artists prefer mechanical pencils since they allow for maximum precision; and of course there are artists who draw and sketch with both styles of pencils harmoniously. Give both styles of pencils a shot to see which you prefer to draw with! Our #2 HB Wood-Cased Pencils come in the following box sizes: Box of 48, Box of 72, Box of 96, and Box of 180. Each of our #2 HB pencils arrives pre-sharpened and ready to go! 


Mechanical Pencils can be refilled when you run out of ink. Each of our Mechanical Pencil Sets includes refillable 0.7 mm graphite lead sticks. Our #2 HB Mechanical Pencils are sold in the following set sizes: Pack of 16 and Pack of 20. Our premium Mechanical Pencils feature a latex-free grip, making this set suitable for everyone. Whether you’re an artist, student, or working professional, you’ll be glad you invested in a set of our drawing pencils! 


Which paper is best for drawing pencils? Sketchbook paper and mixed media paper pads are optimal for drawing pencils; as well as any paper that’s labeled as ‘ideal for dry media’. Some great paper options for drawing pencils include our DIY Foldable Black Sketch Canvas Frame Pad, Black Paper Sketch Pad, Hardbound Drawing Book, 9” x 12” Drawing Pad, DIY Foldable Mixed Media Canvas Frame Pad, and our Mixed Media Pad


How are drawing pencils numbered? All drawing pencils are labeled on a scale from H pencils to B pencils. The H scale indicates a harder lead, or a lead made of a higher degree of clay than graphite. Whereas, the B scale indicates a softer lead made of a higher amount of graphite than clay. H pencils will create a thinner, lighter line that is less susceptible to smudging, while a B pencil will make a broader, darker line that is easier to smudge. The degree of hardness is indicated by an increasing number scale with the mid range designated by a set of letters: H, F, HB and B.


Create drawings with impressive detail, blending, and gray scale with our professional-grade drawing pencils!