Woodless Watercolorist Set

Woodless Watercolorist Set

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Woodless Watercolorist Set

Woodless Watercolorist Set



  • Display Your Art Instantly - Work directly on the glue-bound Mixed Media DIY Frame Pad or tear out individual 9”x12” sheets and fold them into 5”x6.6” paper canvases for display
  • Transform Your Drawings - Use everything from the shavings to the entire tip area of these vibrant woodless watercolor pencils to draw and create unique effects 
  • No Need for a Water Cup - Fill the reservoir of the long red water brush pen and apply water to specific areas of your piece with the flexible, round brush tip
  • Draw & Paint with One Set - If you can’t decide whether you’re in the mood for drawing or painting, then this set is perfect for you


Draw, paint and display your artistry with the Woodless Watercolorist’s Set. You’ll get everything you need to make a masterpiece with this complete set. The Mixed Media DIY Frame pad contains 20 sheets of 228 lb paper that’s perfect for dry or wet techniques. This thick paper pairs beautifully with the included woodless watercolor pencils. These unique pencils are lightly coated in a lacquer to prevent you from getting color on your hands, but can be easily sharpened like a regular pencil. 


Sketch out beautiful pieces then add a touch of water using the water brush pen to transform your drawing into a painting. Gently squeeze the reservoir of the pen to make the round brush nib damp, then paint with the flexible nylon bristles. Try angling the tip of your woodless watercolor pencils and using the wide part to create large areas of color, or use your pencil shavings after you sharpen them to add cool effects. Bring your best ideas to life with this complete set. 


Create watercolor paintings in no-time with Arteza’s Woodless Watercolorist Set. This professional-grade watercolor pencils set is an absolute must-have for any serious watercolor artists. Take your watercolor paintings to the next level, start by upgrading to this budget-friendly Woodless Watercolorist Set today!

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